My Neighbour Essay | Short & Long Essay For Students

Someone who lives to your next door is called your neighbor. The part of area that comes near to your house, is called neighborhood.

Read the following detailed essay on topic my neighbor, importance, role and responsibilities of a good neighbor, in simple and easy words, for children and students.

Essay on My Neighbors | Neighborhood Essay | Qualities of My Next door Neighbor Essay For Children & Students

A decent and good neighbor is a great blessing. He is more than a family to us and the first one to reach for our help.

Sometimes, our relatives are not in position to help us if they live in distant location sand that is why, having a good neighbor is important to help us when we face any problem. A good neighbor can make our life pleasant and I am lucky to have a good family in my neighborhood.

1.  My Neighbour Essay For College Level Students

I have many neighbors most of whom are extremely nice but the best family among them lives on our right side. Mr.Shayam is the name of our neighbor. He is a doctor by profession.

He is married and has two children. His wife is a very civilized and humble lady. Their sons are of my age and we go to same school together.

I often visit his house after my school. His wife offers me chocolates and snacks. His wife and my mother spend a lot of time together.

Mr.Shayam is a very hardworking person. He is a reputed man in my locality. Everyone likes him because he is soft spoken and kind hearted.

He always has a smile on his face. He regularly goes for evening walks. Sometimes, his son and I accompany him too. I have always found him in neat and clean clothes.

Since he is a doctor by profession, so he has good grip on every subject. I often ask him to help me in my assignments. I am also impressed with his general knowledge.

I often spend time with him to learn and increase my knowledge. He has inspired me in so many ways. The people of my area trust him a lot. If there is a fight between two neighbors then he is often asked to settle it. We get along quite well with him because of his polite nature.

He is a true servant of society. He knows how to deal with his patients. It amazes me that how can someone be so much humble to even his stubborn patients.

He has also come to treat me in the middle of night so many times. He never charges any fee for attending any patient in our society. If there is an emergency then he does not hesitate for a second to get up and help the person even if it is late at night.

It has been a year since they shifted in our area yet no one has seen this family fighting about anything. They are the nicest and humblest people in my neighborhood.

They are very generous people who try to help everyone around. In spite of their wealth and status, they are not even proud of anything. Every year, their family organizes charity events in our area to gain funds for poor people too.

Our families share a very nice bond. We share all our joys and sorrows like a family. Whenever my mom prepares anything special then she makes sure to send them too. On weekends, we often plan and go for picnic too. We always remember them on every special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or

gatherings. We are attached to his family so much. Sometimes, when we are away from home, we still miss and think about them.


If we want to love happily with our neighbors then we should ignore small issues and forgive mistakes of other people with full heart. My family is very lucky to have a good neighborhood. I wish that everyone gets lucky enough to get good neighbors like me.

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2. My Neighbor Essay | Short Essay Middle Class Students

Neighbors are people who live near your house. Neighbors are very important people in our lives. They share our happiness and sorrow.

They are first people to stand by you in every problematic or nasty condition. It is very important to take care of them. Neighbors are often closely related to each other than blood relations.

They help each other and always stand by each other in every situation. Neighbors are blessing of God as they leave you alone.

Neighbors are always ready for financial and moral support. This creates a peaceful environment in our society.

3. Essay on My Neighbour High School Students

I live in a village about few kilometers from main city. Our house is at the corner and surrounded by many houses.

We have all created a peaceful environment in our village by helping each other. Our peaceful environment is due to collaboration of all the neighbors.

They have always proved faithful and loyal in every situation. Mr. Mukesh lives close to my house. We share the same boundary of our houses. Mukesh is a teacher by profession.

He is very hard working man. He has well reputation in the village and all the people of the village respect him a lot. He is headmaster of primary school in our village.

He has maintained this school very well. He is actually playing major role in education of children of our village.

He is old but still work with zeal and zest. He has sympathetic heart. He helps a lot of poor children to complete their education.

His wife is also a teacher of primary school for girls in our village. Both of them have worked a lot for education of our village. They have two boys. Both of them are living in city for higher education.

4. Role & Qualities of a Good Neighbour Essay

We have very good relationship with our neighbors. They are very nice people and teacher of my brothers as well as me. They always help me and my brothers to lead life in right direction. Our neighbors are no less than a blessing.

Our neighbors are ray of light not only for us but also for whole village. We respect our neighbors a lot and always ready to help them.

They have helped us a lot in our education. He is never found wanting whenever I need his advice or help. His mature experience is always there to guide me in the world and save me for pitfalls.

He is most selfless man I have ever come across. He has almost become the member of our family. He participates in our all joys and sorrows.

He has helped us in every situation and always ready to do everything for in the time distress. We are really thankful to such a sacrificing man.

We firmly believe that it is impossible to repay such a man for his virtuous deeds and loving personality. May God bless him with long life! He is honor of our village and every villager is proud of him.


It is very important to take care of your neighbors and stand by them through thick and thin. Our relative living far away, may not be in position to help us in our troubles but a good neighbor is ever ready to help us our troubles.

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Thus, it is important to take care of your neighbors and respect them. It will surely make life comfortable and easier for you and others. We should everything that might be disturbing for our neighbors. One should live as a family with their neighbors.

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