Essay on Charity Begins at Home | Short & Long Essays For Students

It is very true saying that charity begins at home. The charity is openness of heart. It means for one to be generous, kind hearten & understanding.

For this we have written following short & long essay on topic charity begins at home, meaning of expansion, what is meaning of idea & how charity begins at home. This quotation essay is quite helpful for High school & college level students.

Essay on Charity Begins at Home | Meaning, objective & how charity begins at home

“Charity begins at home” is a famous phrase which completely fits on those people who have forgotten that family comes first. They do donate money to others but they totally forget about their own kin that their kin need them first. This phrase contains a huge explanation for those people who do not put their family in their priority list.

Meaning of Charity Begins at home

The phrase “charity begins at home” means that we must first take care of needs of our family members and then think about helping the people in our society.

A man who helps others but forgets about his own kin is not doing a great job. He must first look into his own family to see if there is someone who needs financial or emotional help.

Essay on charity begins at home for students

Charity is not easy for everyone to practice. Man is egoistic by nature. Some people might throw a coin to the needy but they will give disgusting look to the needy too. Such people who are cold by heart only do charity just for publicity. These acts cannot be counted as charity. It is just a self-publicity stunt.

Some people donate money to others places just to show off and when it comes to helping their own family, they neglect the needs of their family members.

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A person who just lives for himself and does not care about his family cannot be called as a good citizen. Real charity is where a person first cares about his closed ones and then takes steps to help others in society.

Even though it is of no doubt that helping others brings inner peace and satisfaction but one cannot feel true happiness when he sees that his family is suffering but he is ignoring them and helping out others. It is important to put family first and help them after which we can step out to help other members of the society.
Charity does not just mean financial aid. Though it is partially true but apart from money, it also means proving emotional support, love and care to those who are in need.We do not need to be financially strong to do charity. We can also help others by giving them the care and moral support they need.

Children should be taught the meaning of charity since childhood. Everything that children do in their later life is based on the acts that they see their parents doing in their time.

If the parents are loving and take part in social causes then their children will learn the same and make efforts to do good for society too.

They learn about sacrifices, selflessness, cooperation and empathy from their parents. Therefore, it is the duty pf parents to present a good example in front of their children.

Helping those people who are in need without any intention of getting anything in return is a rare quality. A true person first takes care of his family and if someone in his kin needs help then he helps them with everything he can.

After his kin, he looks around and help those people who are in need. Only that type of person can be called as a true charitable person.


Helping other people without any greed is one of the most important qualities of a true person.We should understand that whatever we practice is what we teach our children.

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Therefore, we should develop a habit of helping our family members and then doing our best to help people in our society too.For everyone, family should be the first priority that is why it is said that ‘Charity begins at home’.

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