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Writing up to describe my house in essay is somewhat a tricky yet interesting task. However, writing few lines, 10 or more sentences, is always required by Ukg kids in school.

But, in some cases students are required to write short & long essay and paragraph on topic my sweet home, my dream home or my house essay in best descriptive words.

Essay on my house | My Dream House Essay

House is not just a building. It is a place where we live with our family. It is our entire happiness of life. We share our sorrows, grief, happiness and joys under same roof. It is the most peaceful place on earth for any person.

Almighty has blessed me with sweet home. A home is where mom is. It is no less than blessing to live with your family and siblings. There are a lot of homeless people in the world. I always believe house is one of the beautiful blessings of Almighty.

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Describing My House in Essay

I live in a small town. It is about ten kilometers from main city and very peaceful place. My house is at left corner of town. It is small house with three bedrooms.

There is also bathroom and kitchen in my house. There is also a TV launch at my house. Our whole family sits together at night and watch TV serial.

It is very special watching television together. My mother has maintained my house very beautifully. She always keeps it clean.

She is always busy in doing household work. She is very fond of keeping her house clean and my little sister also helps her in her work.

My elder brother is fond of gardening. He has grown many flowers of different colors in our house. These flowers present very pleasant look to our house.

He has also maintained a small lawn at house. Greenery is very refreshing and it is very peaceful for mind and soul. My father often enjoys his evening tea in this lawn.

This small house is very important for every member of the house and every person is happy in it. My house has all the necessary facilities. It has electricity supply and water supply.

Home is the blessing of God

My house is no less than a blessing. It is surrounded by lovely people. My relatives live in our surrounding and we often share our delicious dishes as well as other matters with each other.

I am blessed that I am protected by four walls and roof. We are two brothers and one sister at our house. I share my bedroom with my brother. We often help each other in studies and discuss a lot of matters. My father really works hard to maintain this house.

There are a lot of homeless beings on earth and we should be thankful to Almighty for our house. House is a source of protection and peace. It does not matter whether it is big or small.

It should be peaceful. I always find a lot of solace at my house to live with my loved ones. I always share my problems with my father and mother.

I have very strong bonding with my brothers and sister. We also fight sometimes but we always enjoy a lot. My house is no less than paradise. There is no bigger happiness than living your life with loved ones and enjoying it.


House is one of the most important things in our life. Man is greedy and always wants more and more. A person who has house wants bungalow.

The one who has bungalow wants palace and so on. It is not important to have a luxurious house but it is very important to have a peaceful house.

One should always try to make it beautiful my helping each other in house and loving each other. I am really thankful to Almighty for this blessing. My house is the most beautiful house of the world as I live in it with my loved ones. I enjoy my life a lot and forget all my worries when I enter my house.

Describe My House Essay:

There is no place like home, they say. And I couldn’t agree more. For me, my house is not just a physical structure with walls and doors; it’s a place where I feel safe, comfortable and loved. It’s a place that holds countless memories of my childhood and family.

My house is located in the suburbs of a small town in the countryside. It’s a modest two-story house with a spacious front porch, surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fruit trees. As soon as you enter the gate, you’re greeted by the sweet smell of jasmine flowers that line up the pathway to the house.

Upon entering the front door, you’ll step into our living room. It’s a warm and cozy space, with soft lighting and comfortable furniture. The walls are adorned with family photos and paintings that my parents have collected over the years. This is where we gather as a family to watch TV, play board games or simply chat about our days.

Next to the living room is the dining area, where we have our meals together. Our dining table has been in the family for generations, and it holds many memories of laughter and love shared during meal times. From this area, you can also access our backyard through glass doors that let in natural light and provide a beautiful view of the garden.

The kitchen is my mom’s domain. She loves to cook, and her food always brings us comfort and joy. The kitchen is always filled with the smell of delicious food and the sound of my mom humming while she cooks. It’s a place where we gather to help her prepare meals, and bond over cooking.

Upstairs, there are three bedrooms. My parents’ room is at the end of the hallway, and my room is right next to it. Across from our rooms is my younger brother’s room. We all have our own unique styles reflected in our rooms, but they all share a common theme – comfort and warmth.

My favorite part of the house is the backyard. It’s like a mini paradise with a large open space for us to play or relax on sunny days. There’s also a small pond where we keep  fish that my dad takes care of. The sound of the water and the sight of colorful fish swimming around bring a sense of peace and tranquility.

As I walk through my house, I’m reminded of all the happy moments we’ve shared as a family – from birthday celebrations to lazy weekends spent together. My house is not just a physical structure; it’s a place filled with love, warmth, and cherished memories.

And for that, I am grateful. So whenever I leave home for college or travel, I always look forward to coming back to this special place that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

In conclusion, describing my house is not just about its physical attributes but also about the emotions and memories attached to it. It’s where I feel most at ease and where I can always find comfort and love. My house is not just a building; it’s a home, and there’s no place like it in the world. So I will continue to cherish every moment spent within its walls and create new memories that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Descriptive Essay on My House:

My home is not just a physical structure where I live, but it is a place that holds countless memories and emotions for me. It is the place where I have grown up, learned valuable lessons of life, and created cherished moments with my loved ones. To me, my home is more than just a house; it is my sanctuary, my comfort zone, and my happy place.

As soon as I step into my home, I am greeted by the familiar sights, sounds, and smells that instantly make me feel at ease. The walls of my home are adorned with photographs capturing special moments with family and friends.

Each room has its own unique character and reflects the personalities of the people who inhabit it. The living room exudes warmth with its cozy couch, fluffy pillows, and soft lighting. The kitchen, on the other hand, is always bustling with activity as my family gathers to cook and share meals together.

One of the things that make my home truly special is its location. It is situated in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by lush green trees and well-maintained gardens. I am greeted every morning with chirping birds and the gentle rustling of leaves. The peaceful environment allows me to disconnect from the chaos of the outside world and find solace within my home’s walls.

But what truly makes my home so dear to me are the people who reside in it. My parents have put their heart and soul into making our house a welcoming and comfortable place for our family.

Their love for each other and for us is evident in every corner of our home. My siblings and I have shared countless memories within these walls, from playing hide-and-seek as children to late-night conversations as adults.

My home has also served as a safe haven during difficult times. It is the place where I can truly be myself without any fear of judgment. Whether it’s sharing my struggles with my family or finding solace in solitude, my home has always been there for me.

As I grow older and embark on new adventures, my home remains a constant source of comfort and stability. No matter how far I go or how long I am away, coming back to my home always feels like coming back to myself.

In conclusion, words cannot do justice to the special place my home holds in my heart. It is more than just a structure; it is where love, laughter, and memories reside. I am truly grateful for my home and all that it represents in my life. So, I will always cherish and hold onto its warmth, comfort, and love forever.

My Dream House Short Essay:

My dream house is a place where I can truly be myself and feel at peace. It is not just a physical structure, but a reflection of my innermost desires and aspirations. Growing up, I have always had this image in my mind of what my perfect home would look like.

Located in the countryside, surrounded by lush green fields and towering trees, my dream house would offer tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The exterior would have large windows that allow natural light to flood in, giving the illusion of an open space. A small garden with colorful flowers and a swing set would add to its charm.

As you step inside, you are greeted by warm tones and cozy furniture that exudes comfort. The living room would have a fireplace, perfect for snuggling up on cold winter nights. A bookshelf filled with my favorite novels and a comfortable armchair would be my go-to spot for relaxation.

The kitchen would be spacious and well-equipped, as I am an avid cook. It would have a large island where family and friends can gather while I prepare meals. The dining area would have a big table, perfect for hosting dinner parties or enjoying family dinners.

My dream house would also have a home office, designed to inspire creativity and productivity. It would be adorned with motivational quotes and filled with natural light to keep me energized throughout the day. This space would allow me to work from home in comfort and style.

One of the most important features of my dream house would be the backyard. It would have a pool, surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas for those hot summer days. A barbecue area with a built-in grill and outdoor seating would be perfect for hosting summer parties.

As I walk through my dream house, I see it as more than just a place to live. It is a sanctuary that reflects my personality and allows me to pursue my passions. It is where I can create memories with my loved ones and find solace after a long day.

In conclusion, my dream house may seem like an extravagant wish, but it represents so much more than just material possessions. It symbolizes the life I aspire to live – one filled with love, happiness, and peace in beautiful surroundings.

My Room Essay For Class 1:

My room is my favorite place in the whole world. It’s where I feel most comfortable, safe and relaxed. My room is not very big but it has everything I need. The walls are painted in my favorite color – pink! There is a big window that lets in lots of natural light which makes the room bright and cheerful.

I have a cozy bed with soft pillows and blankets that make me feel like I’m sleeping on clouds. Next to my bed, I have a small bookshelf filled with all my favorite storybooks. Whenever I need to escape into another world, I just grab a book and get lost in its pages.

On the other side of the room, there is a study table where I do all my school work. It has all my colorful stationery neatly organized in holders and cups. I love to decorate my room with pictures of my family, friends, and all the places I’ve been to.

My room is more than just a place to sleep. It’s where I can be myself and express my creativity. Sometimes, I even turn up the music and have a dance party all by myself! My room is truly my happy place.

Essay on My house for Class 3:

My house is my favorite place in the whole world. It is not just a building made of bricks and cement, but it holds countless memories for me. I live with my parents, grandparents, and siblings in our cozy little house.

Our house has two floors. The ground floor consists of a living room, dining area, kitchen, and a guest bedroom. The living room is where we spend most of our time as a family. We have a comfortable couch where we watch TV or play games together. Our dining table is always filled with delicious food prepared by my mom.

The first floor has three bedrooms – one for my parents, one for my grandparents, and one shared by me and my brother. Each room has its own unique style and is filled with our favorite things. My room has posters of my favorite superheroes and a small bookshelf where I keep my books.

Our house also has a beautiful garden at the back, which is maintained by my grandparents. We have a variety of plants and flowers that bloom all year round. In the evenings, we often sit in the garden and talk about our day while sipping on tea.

I feel blessed to have such a warm and loving home. It is not just a place to live in, but it is also where I spent my childhood making unforgettable memories. Whenever I am away from home, I miss it dearly and eagerly wait to come back.

Living in this house has taught me the importance of family, love, and togetherness. I am grateful for my parents who have worked hard to provide us with a comfortable and happy home. My house will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter where life takes me. So, this is why my house is the best place in the world!

My Surrounding Essay:

As humans, we are constantly surrounded by our environment, whether it be nature or man-made structures. Our surroundings have a significant impact on our daily lives and shape our thoughts, behaviors, and overall well-being.

Nature plays a crucial role in providing us with resources for survival. It offers us breathtaking landscapes that amaze and inspire us. The tranquil sounds of waves crashing on the shore or birds chirping in the trees can have a calming effect on our minds. Additionally, being in nature has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve mental health.

On the other hand, man-made structures dominate many urban areas and contribute to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern society. We are exposed to constant sensory stimulation from advertisements, bright lights, and traffic noises. While this can be overwhelming at times, it also creates a sense of diversity and excitement.

Our surroundings also influence our cultural identity. Being exposed to different cultures and ways of life helps us understand and appreciate diversity. It broadens our perspectives and allows us to see the world through a different lens.

Moreover, our surroundings mold our daily routines as well. For instance, living in a city may mean taking public transportation or walking to work while living in the countryside may involve tending to a farm or taking care of livestock.

In conclusion, our surroundings have a profound impact on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. They shape who we are as individuals and play a significant role in our overall quality of life. It is essential that we take care of our surroundings and appreciate the beauty and diversity it has to offer.

Why I Love My Home Essay:

My home is my safe haven, a place where I can truly be myself and feel at peace. It is where I have grown up and made so many cherished memories with my family. From the moment I step through the front door, I am surrounded by comfort and familiarity.

One of the main reasons why I love my home is because of the people who reside in it. My parents, siblings, and even our pets make this house feel like a warm and loving home. We share laughter, meals, and conversations here that bring us closer together as a family.

Not only does my home provide a sense of security and belonging, but it also offers opportunities for personal growth. It is within these walls that I have learned valuable life lessons from my parents, developed my interests and hobbies, and created a sense of independence.

Moreover, my home is a reflection of who I am. The decor, furniture, and personal touches all represent my unique style and personality. It is a constant reminder that this space is truly mine and a place where I can express myself freely.

In 200 words, it’s impossible to fully capture the love and appreciation I have for my home. It serves as a sanctuary from the outside world and holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the largest or most glamorous house, but it will always be my favorite place in the world. Home truly is where the heart is.

My Home Life Essay:

My home is my sanctuary, a place where I feel safe and loved. It is a place that holds precious memories of my childhood and continues to be the center of my life today. In just 250 words, it’s impossible to fully describe the depth of emotions that I have for my home.

As soon as I step inside, a sense of peace washes over me. The familiar scent of homemade meals wafts through the air, reminding me of all the special dinners shared with my family. The walls are adorned with pictures and artwork that tell our story – from family vacations to school achievements. Each room in our house has its own unique atmosphere, yet it all comes together beautifully to create a warm and inviting space.

Growing up, my home was always bustling with activity. My siblings and I would race to the front door after school, eager to share stories of our day with our parents. We would spend hours playing games in the living room or baking treats in the kitchen. Even now, as an adult, I still find myself gravitating towards my childhood bedroom when I need a moment of comfort.

But beyond the physical aspects, it’s the intangible qualities that truly make my home special. It’s where I have learned valuable life lessons from my parents and grandparents. It’s where we gather for holidays and celebrate milestones together as a family. It’s where I can be completely myself without fear of judgement.

In today’s fast-paced world, my home is a place where time slows down. It’s a place where I can disconnect from technology and just be present with my loved ones. No matter where life takes me, I know that my home will always be there to welcome me back with open arms.

In conclusion, my home is not just a building but a reflection of who I am and the love that surrounds me. It continues to shape me into the person I am today and I will forever be grateful for its unwavering presence in my life.

Short Essay on there is no Place Like Home:

There is no denying the fact that home is an essential part of our lives. It is a place where we feel comfortable, safe and loved. Home, for most people, is not just a physical structure but also holds sentimental value. It is often said that there is no place like home and this statement holds true in every sense.

Home is not limited to just being a place to live in but it also holds a significant emotional attachment. It is where we create countless memories with our loved ones and share moments that shape us into who we are. Whether it’s playing in the backyard as children or sitting around the dinner table with family, these memories hold a special place in our hearts.

Furthermore, home provides us with a sense of belonging and identity. It reflects our personal style, interests and values. We often decorate our homes to showcase our individuality and make it our own unique space. Home also serves as a sanctuary from the outside world where we can truly be ourselves without any judgment.

Moreover, home is a place of comfort and safety. In times of stress or trouble, there is no better feeling than being in the familiar surroundings of home. It is where we seek refuge and find solace in the company of our loved ones. Home also provides us with a sense of security knowing that we have a place to call our own.

In today’s fast-paced world, where life can get chaotic at times, home serves as an anchor that keeps us grounded. It reminds us of what truly matters in life and helps us appreciate the little things. It is a constant in our lives, a place where we can always return to no matter how far we may wander.

In conclusion, there is no place like home. It holds immense emotional value and provides us with a sense of belonging, comfort, and stability. No matter where life takes us, home will always be the one place that remains constant and unchanged. As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz famously said, “There’s no place like home.”

Describe Your Childhood Home Essay:

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a loving and caring family who provided me with a stable home environment. Our house was located in a quaint suburban neighborhood, surrounded by lush green trees and well-manicured lawns. From the outside, it may have seemed like just another ordinary house on the block, but for me, it held countless memories and special moments that I will always cherish.

As you entered our front door, you would first step into our cozy living room. The walls were painted in a warm shade of yellow and adorned with family photos and artwork done by my siblings and me. In the corner sat a big soft couch where we would all gather to watch movies or play board games on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Next to the living room was our dining area, where we would come together as a family for meals. The scent of my mother’s home-cooked food always filled the air, making it feel like a warm hug every time I walked into the kitchen. We would often have lively conversations and share funny stories over dinner, creating cherished memories that I still hold dear.

Down the hallway were our bedrooms – mine on one end and my siblings’ on the other. They were small but cozy, with just enough space for our beds and personal belongings.

My room was painted in a calming shade of blue, and I had posters of my favorite bands and artwork plastered all over the walls. It was my little sanctuary where I could escape from the world and let my creativity roam freely.

The backyard was where we spent most of our time during the summer. It had a big oak tree that provided shade, and we would often have picnics or play games under it. Behind the tree was a garden that my mother tended to, filled with colorful flowers and fresh herbs that she would use in her cooking. It was also where I learned how to ride a bike and had countless adventures with my siblings.

Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to grow up in such a warm and loving home. Our house may not have been grand or luxurious, but it was filled with love, laughter, and happy memories that made it feel like the best place on earth.

As I reflect on my childhood home, I am reminded of the importance of having a safe and nurturing environment to grow up in. It shaped me into the person I am today, and for that, I will always be grateful.

So whenever I pass by my childhood home, I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of warmth and nostalgia wash over me. Stories like these are reminders that our homes are not just buildings made of bricks and mortar, but they hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Whether it is the cozy living room where we gathered as a family or the backyard where we made countless memories, every nook and corner of our childhood home holds a piece of our heart. And even though time may have passed and we may have moved on to create new homes, the memories and feelings attached to our childhood home will always remain a constant in our lives.

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It truly is a place that will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we continue to reminisce on the happy moments shared within its walls. So I am grateful for my childhood home and all the love and joy it brought into my life. It will forever be a cherished part of my journey and shaped me into the person I am today.


  1. How do I write an essay about my house?
    • To write an essay about your house, begin with an introduction, describing the location and significance of your home. Then, elaborate on its physical features, the memories associated with it, and the feelings it evokes. Conclude with a summary of what makes your house special to you.
  2. What is the short description of a home?
    • A home is a place where one lives, feels safe, and finds comfort. It’s not just a physical structure but also a space filled with love, memories, and a sense of belonging.
  3. What are some lines about home?
    • “Home is where the heart is.”
    • “A home is a sanctuary of love and happiness.”
    • “In a home, you find warmth, security, and cherished moments.”

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