A Morning Walk Essay For Students

The morning walk is like a nature walk with great importance and benefits.The beautiful nature increases the pleasure of morning walk

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A Morning Walk Essay | Short & Long Essay the Morning Walk, Importance & Benefits


Walking is best form of exercise. It is truly useful for health of man and keeps him healthy and fit. Morning is the best part of day.

It is time when our whole body is refreshed. People often visit their neighboring parks for walk and keep themselves fit.

Importance of Morning Walk

Morning walk is important part of fit and energetic man. not everyone is early riser. I am an early riser. I get up around 5 am in the morning and go for morning walk with my friends in the park.

Benefits of Morning Walk

Today, we are living in quite busy world. Every person has his own work and has become busy bee. We have no time for our health and fitness.

It is main reason most of the people in our surrounding are unhealthy. There are also a lot of issues of mental health.

People often visit psychologist for their depression and anxiety. It is now important to understand the cause of all these problems. All these can be easily treated by morning walk.

It is lighter exercise with a lot of benefits. It keeps your body fit and healthy. Walking is the best form of exercise. It exercises many parts of body like legs, arms and chest.

Fresh air goes into the body and refreshes our lungs. It makes our respiratory system to work properly.  One can breathe more comfortably in the morning.

Morning breeze has its own refreshment. It is pollution free. Morning walk not only improves your health but also gives you a better start of the day. As a result, we feel active as well as fit. It gives us energy to the body for the day’s work.

Morning Walk is the Nature Walk

Morning is the best part of the day. It is time when nature is at its best. Dew drops on flowers shine like pearls. It is really soothing to walk on wet grass. There is greenery all around.

Flowers are beautifully bloomed and presenting enchanting look for the people. People of all age groups find this environment very serene.

They forget their all cares and worries and engross in the beauty of nature. Chirping of birds is very sweet and melodies for ears. Birds are flying all around from different habitats.

It refreshes our eyes to see such a beautiful sight. All these things have very positive and healthy impact on human mind and soul.

It refreshes our mind and we are able to think over different matters more efficiently.  Morning walk provides us a best chance to enjoy beauty of nature to our full everyday.

It has wide importance for aged people. Doctors often recommend them to have walk for keeping themselves fit.

Positive impacts of morning walk

I go for morning walk daily and it has a lot of positive impacts on my life. I enjoy the morning walk with my friends.

I get a chance to meet a lot of people in the park. I always feel that it refreshes my mood. I perform very well at school.

It keeps me healthy and fit. Our park also presents very beautiful and fresh look. It refreshes my eyes and mind.


One should go for morning walk daily. It proves very helpful in reducing stress and improving our health.

Government should build parks in every city to provide place for morning walk. It should be encouraged to spend few hours of morning in walking and enjoying nature.

Teachers should also tell their students about its benefits. in short, morning walk is very important and should be a part of every man’s life

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