Essay on Healthy Lifestyle – Importance & Benefits | For Students

A healthy lifestyle is the sum total of all internal and external things that a person follows in order to enjoy the benefits of a healthy living.

Some of the factors include; energy rich pure diet, balanced work & sleep patterns, daily exercises & plays etc.

The following essay has been written in that context, as to help children & students on topic healthy lifestyle, importance, benefits, steps how to maintain healthy living, for children & students.

Essay on healthy lifestyle – Importance & Benefits of Healthy Habits | Short & Long Essay For Students


Healthy lifestyle means living such a life that includes all the ingredients necessary to live a balanced life. Healthy lifestyle has a lot of elements.

Essay on healthy Lifestyle for students

It includes healthy food, adequate sleep, exercise on daily basis, thinking positively and many more. Today, modern man has fallen to number of diseases because he is not living healthy lifestyle.

Modern man works round the clock and cares less about his life. This leads to a lot of problems in his life. A good health has number of advantages and has positive impact on the life of person.

Meaning & Importance of Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is very important for maintenance of life. It is not very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. it just needs to follow the elements of healthy lifestyle.

It is crucial to eat healthy food for healthy life style. Balanced diet is only way to maintain one’s health. Balanced diet contains all the nutrients required for smooth working of our body.

It should include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and fibers. It is also important to take food with regularity.

Irregularity in food causes health issues. Balanced diet can save us from many diseases. It is one of the basic elements of healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle also requires adequate sleep. It is important to maintain sleep cycle which is of seven to eight hours.

Having adequate sleep keeps you healthy. One who does not maintain their sleep cycle is vulnerable to number of mental health problems.

Adequate sleep is very important for sound working of mind and body. One should not sleep too much or too less, because either can lead to fatigue.

It is very crucial to make exercise part of your life for healthy lifestyle. Exercise or sports keep you healthy and fit.

You can feel fresh and energetic after taking some light exercise. People of all age groups should spend some time for their fitness. Exercise plays a vital role to keep your body fit.

Mental health also plays a major role in healthy lifestyle. It is very important to maintain your mental health because depressed person cannot live a healthy life.

One should always think positive and be hopeful in all matters of life. Optimistic person always looks at the brighter side of life.

Hardships or troubles are part of life. One should face them manfully rather than getting stress or depressed.

Benefits Of Healthy Living Essay

Healthy lifestyle has a lot of benefits. it keeps you away from sickness. One can feel energetic throughout his life. Health is certainly the great wealth and its importance can never be denied

According to WHO, man can increase their life span up to eleven years by following healthy lifestyle. It is very important to feel good in your present life and in future. Healthy lifestyle makes you live your life better and balanced in all ways.

How to stay healthy?

There is the great importance of health. There are also few things that we need to avoid to live a have peaceful and full of health life . we should avoid all the practices and habits that are harmful for us and also for people around us.

One should avoid junk food as these foods are not nutritious. It is also very important to stay away from alcohol, drugs, smoke etc.

We should not stress ourselves too much and try to be contented with life and its happenings. Over work can also be a hurdle in living a healthy lifestyle.


We all strive in our lives to live a healthy lifestyle as it is best way to live your life. We should follow all the elements of healthy style for success in life.

It is also important to encourage people to live healthy lifestyle free of all worries and full of pleasures and joys.

500+ Words Essay on Healthy Lifestyle For High School & College Level Students

Healthy lifestyle means a person who is not under any stress, who is not overweight and who has a well-maintained body.

The components of healthy lifestyle include having a good diet, regular exercise, mental peace and physical strength.

Having a good diet does not mean that a person should not eat sweet or fatty foods, it just means that he should keep in mind how certain foods will have effects on his body.

Importance of Healthy Lifestyle

Kids these days do not know the importance of healthy lifestyle. They prefer to stay inside and spend time on mobile rather than going out to play.

These dull habits become a part of their life and they become lazy. They lack proper discipline and determination to achieve any goal in life. People need to understand that a healthy lifestyle is very important to live a happier, peaceful and long life.

It is important to maintain healthy habits from a very young age. One of them is by doing regular exercise. Our body feels fresh after exercise. Exercise is an important factor which helps to release stress and prevent several diseases.

Now a days, people ignore their health and stay busy in workload. This leads to many diseases and health issues in the long run.

They do not realize the importance of health until they suffer health problems. They struggle with chronic diseases but these conditions can be improved with a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits & Need of Healthy Lifestyle

The countless benefits of a healthy lifestyle cannot be neglected.A healthy lifestyle helps to prevent many chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

It also helps to prevent the risk of developing cancer. It helps to live a longer, healthier and happier life. It enables a person to feel energetic throughout his life. It keeps one’s mind at peace.

Eating healthy helps to improve our strength, weight control, health and prevention of many diseases. Feeding our body the right amount of food can increase longevity of our life.

We will feel better to do everyday tasks. Our body will feel more energized and freer to move. When a person is fit, he performs activities of his daily life more confidently.

How to Stay healthy?

The first thing to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a proper diet. We should eat three meals a day and avoid skipping a meal.

An important thing to keep in mind is to have right amount of all food groups like carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and fats. We should avoid unhealthy habits like eating junk food, smoking and alcohol.

Adding more fruits and vegetables in our diet is also important to stay healthy because eating healthy boosts our energy and gives us strength to get through the day.It is also important to exercise twenty to thirty minutes a day at least five times a week.

We should surround ourselves with positive energy. It is very important to have encouraging friends in life to provide us with constructive criticism to help us improve our personality.

Another way to live a healthy lifestyle is by getting enough sleep. It is important to sleep at least eight hours a day.If we follow these tips then there is nothing we cannot achieve in our life.


A person who lives a healthy lifestyle lives longer than the person who does not care about his body. That’s why it is believed that a healthy person is the true asset for society. We should strictly follow a healthy lifestyle routine to live a healthy life.

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