Essay on Farmer | Life & Importance of Farming Essay For Students

Farming is a pure and sacred profession. The farmer toils all the day to earn his livelihood. There is the great value & importance of farming.

The following short & long essay explains the need, value & importance of farming for children & students in simple words

Essay on farmer | Life of A Farmer Essay | Importance of Farming For Children & Students


Farmer is a person who works in the field all day. He spends his entire life in fields. The farmer is a symbol of hard work and dignity. He has great patient level.

He works hard for whole year and waits whole year for their fruit. Farmer is a person who lives his life to raise crops for others.

He takes care of his crop whole year and then sells it to market. Farmers are most respected in our society because of their hard work. They are embodiment of hard work for all the people of the world.

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Life of a farmer

Farmer lives a life of dignity. He spends his life with nature. Farmer has very well balanced and maintained life. Farmer gets up early in the morning.

He has to do a lot of work every day. He always gets the early start of the day to complete his work in time. This becomes his habit.

He goes to the fields early in the morning. He spends his whole day in the field taking care of his crops. A farmer always works round the clock.

We know very well that crops need continuous attention and care for their growth. He grows new crops according to particular time, waters his crop regularly, removes weeds, saves them from any disturbances and takes good care of them.

A farmer protects his crops from all disturbances. He protects his fields from animals and birds. He looks for insects in the fields on daily basis.

There is a lot of work and devotion behind well raised crops. Farmer works really hard to provide food to the entire world. A farmer devotes his life to feed humans of the whole world.

Farmer goes back to home as the sun sets. He reaches home with extreme tiredness but still happy at his day’s work.

A farmer spends his entire life in a same way. He gets enough pleasure at the end of season when his crop is ready to reap. This is matter of great pleasure to harvest his crop and earning money from it.

Farmer sells his crop to market and feed all the people. A farmer life is truly different but very contented life.

His life is full of arduous tasks and efforts. He is also patient as he has to wait for whole season for his reward.

They face all the problems manfully. Sometimes, there is floods, acid rain or any other natural disasters. These disasters ruin their crops completely but they don’t lose hope. This shows the dignity of the farmer.

Importance of farmer for country

Farmers are very important for success of country. They help the country to lift their economy. We all know agriculture is a back bone of economy.

It is very important for any government to facilitate his farmers so that they can play their role without any hurdles.

Every government should introduce agricultural reforms for their farmers. It is very crucial for developing countries and can bring dramatic change in their economy.

We need well developed agricultural system for strong economy. Farmers are very important in this regard.

Government should also try to encourage farmers to use modern technology. Modern technology can help them a lot to do their work easily in less time. All the developed countries use modern technology to improve their yields.

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Life of a farmer has a lot of lessons for all of us. Their hard work and patience is an example for us. It is our responsibility to respect our farmers as they feed us.

A life of farmer may sound really tiring but they are satisfied at the end of day as they are feeding their families and nation.

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