Essay on Elephants | Importance & Qualities of Elephants Essay

An elephant is the largest and strongest animal living today. They are mostly found in African and different Asian countries. Read following Essay on topic the Elephant, Qualities & Importance of Elephants in life for us.

Essay on Elephants | Short & Long Essay on Elephants

Elephants are beautiful animals. In India, they are generally found in thick jungles of Assam and Tripura. They are one of the longest-lived animals with an average lifespan of 100 years. They usually live on land but are very fond of water and like to stay there.

Characteristics of Elephants

Elephants are considered as largest living land mammal and belong in the class of mammals. They have big body, four thick legs, little eyes and small tail.

Essay on Elephants for students

They have long trunk and their skin is too hard for any thorn to penetrate. They use their long trunk for various purposes like for picking up food and putting them in mouth or drawing water by it and then taking a shower bath. Their trunk is strong enough to even break strong branches.

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They are herbivorous and eat leaves, plants, fruits, nuts and grass. Their daily food intake is approximately 90 to 272kg and they can drink 200 liters of water daily as well. They stand at a height of 10 feet and weigh approximately 6000kg. Normally, male elephants are taller than female elephants and vary in colors from grey to brown. They love to play and swim in water.

They are shy and live in herds in jungles. Female elephants live in groups but male ones prefer to live alone. When it comes to their behavior, it is similar to human beings because they show same love and consideration towards each other. Baby elephants are known as calves and their weight is approximately 120 kg.

Importance of Elephants

Elephants are also called ‘Royal Animals’. In India, people worship them because they believe that they were the vehicles of God.

In past, they were used in wars or battlefield because of their strength. They are very friendly but if they get aggressive then they can become our dangerous enemy too. Therefore, we should treat them with love and care. A well tamed elephant can carry heavy loads and even draw heavy wagons.

They kneel down, lift a heavy log of wood with their tusks and carry it to the place where it is wanted very easily and place it in exactly the same position. They are very intelligent as well as strong and this makes them very useful to men if tamed wisely. An elephant is very useful even after its death. Bangles are made from its bones and tusks.

They have a very sharp memory and if we show a kind gesture towards them then they never forget it and always stay loyal to us.

Threats to Elephants

Unfortunately, for some people, they are just a means of earning only. People imprison them as domestic animals and tame them for circus performance. The body parts of these poor elephants especially their tusks are of high priced market value. A male elephant has elongated and curved tusks.

These tusks are made of ivory and used for piano keys, furniture inlays and jewelries. Moreover, human beings are responsible for wiping out the natural habitat of elephants like forests.

As a result of deforestation, elephants do not get their proper resources to survive and lack of food causes them to starve. Also, hunting is another reason for the death of elephants.

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Elephants are of great importance to mankind. They help us in a variety of ways. It is illegal to hunt the elephants and that is why it is our duty to protect these animals from extinction. They should not be killed or hunted because of human being’s selfish nature.

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