Essay on Horse | Short Essay & Paragraph on Horse

Horse is a wonderful animal. It is in fact most essential and useful pet. We have written following short & long essay on topic horse, qualities of horse & horse riding in small sentences, paragraphs for Ukg children & students

Short & Long Essay & Paragraph on My Horse | Horse Riding | For Children & Students

A horse is a very noble and loyal animal. People of all age groups love horses. They are very helpful and useful animals to a human society.

Essay on Horse For Students

Characteristics of Horse

Horses are gentle domestic animals. They come under the mammal category. As they are herbivores, they only eat grass and grains. They eat very little and at regular intervals. A horse has four feet, two big eyes, nose, two ears and a long tail.

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His feet look slim but they are very powerful which helps him to run very fast and for longer duration without needing rest. He has long flowing hair on his neck which makes his neck beautiful. Those hair are called mane. There are mostly red, black, white, grey and spotted horses seen in world.

‘Stallion’ is a male horse and ‘Mare’ is a female horse. Offspring of a mare is called ‘Foal’ or ‘Colt’. A mare can give birth to one or two foals at a time. The place where horses live is called a stable. When horses move in a group then it is known as ‘Team’. Horses are always aware of their surroundings.

Their body is strong enough to even break heavy doors. They are very smart animals with a sharp memory. In the past, horses were the only source of traveling. They were used for carrying goods from one place to another. They were also used in battles because of strength and endurance. Now a days, they are mostly used in forests, hilly regions and for work in the fields.

There are at least 350 breeds of horses known to this world. Some particular breeds are extremely beautiful. In India, the most common breeds of horses are Marwari and Kathiwar. Average lifespan of a horse is 30 years.

Horses have fight or flight response ability which helps them to react quickly while in danger. Their first reaction towards any danger is that they flee. In other cases, they fight for their land. Another amazing thing about horses is that they never sit. They are always found standing.

Importance of Horse

Horses are well known for their efficient services to all mankind. It is very easy to tame them because of their polite and friendly nature. They are the most loyal animals and no other animal is faithful to its master as a horse. A horse loves his master so much that he can even sacrifice his life for him. History is full of stories about loyal horses who always stayed loyal and helped their masters.

One such example is of Chetak, horse of Maharana Pratap. During a battle, Maharana Paratap was heavily injured and so was his horse.

But his horse brought back his master from the battle field and then died because of so many wounds.
They are used for carrying goods from one place to another. They have an ability to cover long distances in a short span of time because of their speed. They are used in many sports activities like polo, riding and Equestrian because of their quick speed.

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Even after their death, they are of great benefit. Their skin is used for making leather products, bones for making different medicines and their hair for stuffing the furniture.


Horses are a part of our ecosystem and they should be treated with care instead of being used for selfish reasons. There are not many animals that can be matched with the beauty, grace and dignity of a horse. If treated with care, a horse will always stay loyal to his master. We should never hurt them and take good care of them.

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