Essay on Birds | Life of Birds | Short Essay & Lines for Students

Birds are unique living creatures that have the ability to fly. They have big feathers to help them to lift their body in the air.

Read the following complete essay & Paragraph on the topic of birds, my favorite bird, qualities & importance of beautiful birds in our life.

Essay on Birds | Value & Importance of Birds in Life For Children & Students

They can travel long distances in the air because of these feathers. There are thousands of types of birds that have unique characteristics.

Characteristics of Birds

Birds have compound eyes. Their skeleton is very lightweight and rigid which makes it easy for them to fly. Their feet are covered with scales and bodies with feathers.

Essay on Birds For Students

Feathers are the most unique feature of birds. These feathers are made up of keratin and serve two purposes. They are used for lifting and conserving body heat. They do not have sweat glands. They also do not have teeth. They cut their food with their beaks or swallow whole food.

They build their nest in areas like tall grasses or trees. They live in these nests for their shelter and to protect their young ones. They also lay eggs there. They store food for their young ones in their esophagus. They come in different color and size from humming bird to large ostrich.

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Average lifespan of a bird is between two to five years, however, there is specie of bird called albatross that has survived for 42 years. Birds have a very close connection with environment because of their intelligence and ability of intuition. Every bird has a different and amazing quality.

For example, pea cocks have beautiful feathers. Their feathers spread out widely and boast many colors including green, gold, blue and other hues.

Then there are humming birds and nightingales who can sing. There are some birds that can also mimic sounds like parrots. They have a unique metabolism due to which they can adapt to any weather condition. However, as winter approaches, birds migrate from that area because of decreasing resources to the areas of high resources. They fly in flocks from one country to another in search for food.

Importance of Birds

Birds are a very important part of ecosystem and food chain. Birds disperse seeds which grows into new beautiful plant. In this way, they play their role in environment to spread beautifully.

For example, humming bird plays a great role in pollination of plants by taking male gamete and then dropping it on female gamete.

They carry seeds and then drop these seeds at various locations. This gives plants a chance to grow in more favorable conditions. This helps in plants survival and reproduction. Birds also help by hunting down the pests which if left unattended would cause great harm to humans or human concerns including crops or livestock.

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They glide through the air and eat hundreds of insects. Another importance of birds is that their droppings are rich in uric acid which can be easily be converted into ammonia that works as a great fertilizer for plants.

Extinction of Birds

Many birds are going to extinct due to greed and selfish nature of human beings. They hunt fascinating birds and then cage them in order to sell them later.

The usually hunt birds for eggs, meat and their feathers. The birds living in aquatic environment are especially in danger because the pollutants like industrial wastes pollute water. Man-made pesticides are also dangerous for birds. These pesticides pollute the air and then birds inhale this polluted air. This also worsens the health of birds.

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Birds provide so much to this world and us. They are an integral part of our environment. Unfortunately, they are in danger because of hunting. Now, it is our duty to protect them and save our ecosystem from falling apart.

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