Essay on My Garden | Short & Long Essay & Paragraph on Gardening

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Essay on My Garden | Short & Long Essay on Gardening For Students

Having a garden in house has proven to be beneficial for health. A garden includes many plants which supply us oxygen.

I believe gardening is the most manageable task for a person. All it requires is effort and motivation of a person to grow plants. It is the place where we can relax from a busy schedule.

My Garden Essay For Students

Gardening is my favorite time pass and I love to take care of my garden. I have made a small garden in front of my house. There was a vacant land in front of my house so my siblings and I chose to convert this land into a beautiful garden.

Essay on Garden For StudentsMy garden is my favorite area of the house. My grandfather loves gardening so he taught me how to water plants daily. My favorite flowers are roses and lilies.

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I love the fragrance of these fresh flowers. The sight of butterflies hovering upon these beautiful flowers is amazing. I consider these flowers to be my best friend and I love to sit in the company of these flowers in my garden. I feel so refreshed when I see my blooming garden. My house looks more beautiful because of this garden in front.

Having a garden has not only freshen the environment of our house but it has also provided a natural habitat to various birds. I have grown many plants in my garden. When I plant vegetables and flowers, I feel that I have brought something to life and it feels really great.

After planting, I pay special attention to my garden. I make sure to remove the weeds, remove dead leaves around plants and water my garden more often.

My mother also grows tomatoes and some seasonal vegetables on the side of garden. They taste fresh and tasty. There is also a variety of aromatic herbs like mint, coriander and aloe vera on one side of garden.

It because of my mother’s efforts that no matter how warm the temperature is, my garden always has a burst of cool air. This is because the trees and plants in my garden make the atmosphere cooler than the surrounding areas.

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Another benefit of having this garden is that it keeps me busy and away from useless activities. I love to sit in my garden under the shade of tree and read books. I also love to walk in my garden in my leisure time.

Gardening reduces my stress level after an exhausting day. It soothes my mind and body. I can spend countless hours in my garden without getting bored. During weekends, I love to eat breakfast with my family in the garden and enjoy sun.

My garden is a place where I find actual peace and comfort. I take care of my garden with all my heart. I never let my plants get dry and I water them every day. It is an amazing feeling to see these plants grow day by day. I feel accomplished when I see my plants and trees bearing fruits. I feel so connected with nature in my garden.

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In today’s era, no one builds a garden in their houses because of lack of space. Some people also consider gardens as a waste of space.

Having your own garden is such an amazing feeling. I am so proud of myself for creating such a beautiful garden. I would suggest everybody to have a garden at home. Without these plants we would not be alive. Therefore, we should also plant more trees because one little seed can make a big difference.

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