Essay on Agriculture | Importance & Significance of Agriculture Essay

Agriculture is the backbone of our country. The following essay on agriculture discusses the significance, importance and role of agriculture for the progress & power of a nation.

Agriculture Essay | Importance & Significance of Agriculture in Life

The primary purpose of agriculture is to cultivate crops and to domesticate animals for the purpose of providing food and other necessities for mankind.

Although it has been practiced since ancient times, it has evolved over time and has become an important part of our country’s economic development.

Importance of Agriculture

Agriculture is very important. Following are the main points regarding the significance of agriculture in our lives

1. Agriculture is the main Source of food:  Agriculture is a gift to the country, so it is no surprise that our food is a product of this activity. Food shortages existed in the country before independence, but they were resolved with the advent of the green revolution in agriculture in the year 1969.

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2. Agriculture contributes to National Income:  Agricultural activities generated over 59% of national income in 1950-51. Although it has reduced to around 24% about ten years ago, the agricultural sector remains one of the major sources of income in India.

3. Progress of Industrial Sector:  The agricultural sector plays a major role in the industrial sector by providing the raw materials which are used in manufacturing. Many industries are dependent on agriculture, including cotton textiles, sugar, jute, rubber, and oil.

4. Agriculture creates Employment Opportunities:  Agricultural activities require a large labour force, which provides numerous employment opportunities. There are not only direct employment opportunities available but indirect ones as well. A good example is farmers need to transport their products from one place to another, which supports the transport sector.

5. Agriculture increases Foreign Trade:  Agriculture accounts for the majority of exports. Agricultural exports account for more than 70% of total exports. India is the world’s third largest producer of jute products and sugar.

6. Increase in Government Revenue:  Government revenue is generated from excise duties on agricultural goods, land revenue and taxes on agricultural machinery sales.

7. Formation of Capital:  Capital can be generated from surplus income generated from agricultural activities.

8. Agriculture is dangerous Industry:  However, it is no secret that agriculture is a dangerous industry, and the importance of agriculture cannot be underestimated. Injuries among farmers are quite common. Rollovers and other accidents involving motor and machinery are some of the common causes of agrarian injuries.

Additionally, they are also at risk of skin diseases, lung infections, noise-induced hearing problems, sunstroke, and some types of cancers caused by the nature of their job. The pesticides may cause serious illnesses, even birth defects, in those exposed to them.

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Even so, agriculture still plays a crucial role in the evolution of human civilization. As Booker T. Washington once said about agriculture that, “No race can prosper till it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem”, Therefore, the agriculture sector is an integral part and a great strength  of a country.

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