Essay on Patriotism | Importance of Patriotism Essay For Students

The patriotism is in essence the feelings of love, greater attachments for the motherland. These feelings of Nationalism are in fact, natural inside all human being. The patriotism is very much important in life.

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Essay on Patriotism | Meaning, Value & Importance of Patriotism For Children & Students


Patriotism has been derived from latin word “patriota” which means countryman. Patriotism means love for your country or motherland.

It means that person should be ready to sacrifice his life for this country. Patriotism is pure love for ones motherland.

Every person has a strong feeling of patriotism for his country and he is always ready to do anything for his development.

Love for motherland

patriotism demands that one should be loyal to his country. He should be honest to his land under all circumstances. His country should be the first priority.

A patriot person always keeps the interest of his land a priority.  The culture, tradition, sovereignty and honor of country are most important things in the eye of a patriot.

He makes no compromise on values of his land.  It is true love which enables man to do even the hard things for his motherland. It is commendable quality and always considers a part of faith.

It enables man to do something better for his land. He is always ready to help whenever the need arise. This quality is main part of man’s character. It makes people strong enough to guard the interest of their land.

Devotion for motherland

Patriotism is actually devotion for one’s land. It is most divine and sacred spirit. It is basic force behind the development and success of nation.

Nation can only be succeeded if they have spirit of patriotism in their individuals. Patriotism makes you achieve wonders.

History is full of incidents when nation grew strong together for interest of their land. Patriotism demands that one should try to work for betterment of his fellow countryman.

It is very important for development and success. When every single person works for betterment of land only then nation will make his way in the world.

Patriotism is much needed spirit at the time of distress. Every nation or country has to face nasty conditions like war, drought, famine or flood.

It is crucial to show true feelings of patriotism at that time. One should be ready to do everything to save his land.

He should sacrifice his self for the worth of land. In the words of S.W.Scott, a man lack of patriotic spirit is like who,

Breathes there the man with soul so dead

Who never to himself hath said

This is my own, my native land

A person who lacks patriotism is actually dead inside and he has no strength of character.

Importance of the spirit of patriotism

Patriotism is a force that pushes the citizens of country to work for its development. It makes man to think about his country before he thinks about himself.

The spirit of patriotism imparts the sense of responsibility in the dwellers of a land. They learn to live in harmony with each other and do everything possible to maintain peace of their land.

They think for progress of their country and take revolutionary steps to help their country for building glorious future. A true patriot is proud of his country and he has a lot of affection of his land.


The future of country depends on its youth. If youth has high spirits and all the young people of land are true patriot, the progress of country is guaranteed.

Patriotism build strong bond among the fellow countryman and enables them to live purposeful life. Patriotism is secret for success of a nation.

It is very important for every citizen to be a true patriot and work for honor and development of country with honesty and loyalty. The citizen must imbibe in them the virtue of patriotism for prosperous nation.

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