Essays on An Ideal Student | Meaning, Life & Duties of Good Student

The ideal student is a rare gift and an asset for the nation. The following essay and Paragraph emphasis upon an ideal student, his habits, qualities and goals of an ideal student with quotes and examples. The essay is in simple language and a certain help for children and students of high school and college level

An Essay on An Ideal Student With Quotes for Students

An ideal student is he who takes active part in curricular and extra curricular activities with heart and soul. The qualities of an ideal student are hard work, punctuality and curiosity of learning. An ideal student essay & Paragraph for students

The student who studies hard, attends class regularly on time and accomplishes assigned tasks within stipulated time is known as the best student.

A student is known by his interest and curiosity of learning. The pursuit of knowledge and information makes a student rich and broadens the mental horizon of the student who can make wonders with his knowledge. The insatiable Thirst of knowledge is the quality of a good student.

Qualities of an Ideal Student

A student who is always close to books or enjoys company of books and enjoy highest of character, is considered an ideal student. The close communion of books enriches mind with precious knowledge. A good reader can be a good leader.

An ideal student is known by the company of books he keeps and makes reading his favorite hobby. As students are the architect of nation. They are the leaders of future. The ideal students become ideal citizens of the nation and lead the nation. The prosperity and progress of nation lies on the shoulders of ideal students.  In future they become the leaders.

A well disciplined and obedient to parents and teachers is called an ideal student. One who obeys parents and teachers and respects elders and abides by the rules and regulations is called good student. A teacher is next to parents who opens the gate of glory and greatness for his students.

One who avoids bad company and keeps good company is respected by parents and teachers. One who indulges in bad activities or evil deeds loses respect in the eyes of teachers. He always speaks truth and never tell lies. He never indulges in bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling etc.

An ideal student is always polite and possess sound moral character. He treats others sweetly and never hurts feelings of others. He is very patient and faces adversities of life bravely.

He showers sweetness and loves others. He is always ready to help others and sympathize others at the time of need. He is never unsocial, he takes part in social activities and work for the betterment of society. He is very generous and kind to others.

Exercise and physical activities are necessary for an ideal student. A good student takes active part in indoor and outdoor activities. A sound mind is the product of sound body.

A healthy body produces healthy mind. He does regular exercise, wakes up early in the morning and goes for walk to keep himself fit and strong. He is always physically and mentally fit and active.

An ideal student outshines in class, participating in debates, speech competitions and quiz competitions and takes first position in all fields. He is very patriot and wishes to serve the nation. He must be a leading light to others, one who inspires others to learn and to do good deeds is a good student.

Above all time is very precious, an ideal student doesn’t waste his time in useless activities. From the days of his school to the college life, he is extremely dedicated, well disciplined and value oriented student.

The productive use of time is the sign of a good student. He is very keen of studying and reading books in free time which enriches mind with priceless wisdom.


Ralph Waldo Emerson has rightly said that “ Not Gold but only men can make a nation great and strong”. It only our young generation or ideal students can lay a strong foundation of nation. The high and lofty ambitions of ideal students makes a nation great.

Paragraph on an ideal student

Ideal student is a student who is well aware of his responsibilities. He is always ambitious in his life. An ideal student always respects his teachers.

He is very obedient to his parents and tries hard to work according to their expectations. He is student who burns mid night oil to make his dreams come true.

His dedication towards his goals is always up to mark. An ideal student always wants to make positive difference in society by his extra ordinary efforts. He always keeps eye on all circumstances prevailing around and plays his role for betterment of society. He is patriotic person and has keen interest in current affairs of a country.

He is ready to help his countryman in every calamity. An ideal student has his life in balance even with studies he manages to work for success of his country. He always manages his time well. Besides great toil and moil at work, he still carves out some time for sports to keep his mind and body refreshing.

An ideal student never involves his self in any un healthy activities that proves disrespectful for him and his family. He always takes care of an honor of his family in society. He always keeps good company and acts upon advice of his teachers and parents. He respects as well as helps the senior members of society.

He never involves his self in time wasting activities. He also takes part in extra curricular activities like debates, essay writing etc. He takes good care of his character and pays special attention towards it building. He learns from his failures and never loses hope in time of tribulations. In short, all the teachers and parents are proud of an ideal student and he is always successful in life.

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