Paragraph on Books | Value & Importance of Books in Life

Books are the our true companions. The following short Paragraphs on value and importance of books have been written in simple words to help children & Students.

Paragraph on Value & Importance of Books in Life

When we talk about the friendship of books, it is truly marvelous. None can be as best friend as the books are. Books are really true best friend.

Books carry the knowledge and wisdom. They are easy to carry anywhere. We can literally read them anywhere and anytime. Books are custodian of knowledge and wisdom. Every year millions of books are published all around the world, in different languages. The are printed on paper and are portable. They are the treasure of knowledge and enlightenment.

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The knowledge is endless, so are the books. Each book caters the different subject and represent the knowledge and wisdom for that particular subject. There are textbooks on varying subjects that are taught all across the educational institutions like in schools, college and in universities.

There are some books that deal with fiction and non fiction categories. Each one caters to different genre in multiple categories. There are countless books on health, nature, science, religion, personal development, history etc. Some people love reading novels, poetry, romance, comedy, spirituality etc.

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There are translation of different books available. It helps the spread of knowledge to different people all across the world. There is no denying the fact that the books are real friend. They are the true companions that bless us with wonderful knowledge, awareness, education and great company. I love books very much. It is true that without books the world would have lagged in terms of prosperity, progress and peace all around.

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