Paragraph on Dussehra Festival- History & Its Importance

Essay on Dussehra

Dussehra is the festival of wonder, delight and happiness. Like all other festivals Dussehra festival reflects the sprit of harmony, peace, unity and human brotherhood. The following short Paragraph on Dussehra festival tells the meaning, history and importance of Dussehra festival along with the message of Dussehra festival. This short piece of writing is very … Read more

Paragraph on Freedom, Meaning & Importance in Life

Paragraph on Freedom

Freedom is a highly regarded human virtue. It’s an inalienable human right. This paragraph talks about freedom, its concept, meaning, purpose & Importance in Life, in simple and understandable words. It’s quite helpful for children & students Paragraph on Freedom, Meaning, Concept, Purpose & Importance of Freedom Paragraph Freedom is one the most cherished values … Read more

Essay on Information Technology & Its Benefits in Life

Essay on Information Technology

Technology plays an important role in every field of our Life. The following Paragraph explores the Information technology, its role & Benefit in our everyday life. The topic is quite important for school exams and assignment for children and students. Essay on Information Technology- Role & Importance of IT in our Life Information technology refers … Read more

Paragraph on Character For Students

Paragraph on Character

Paragraph on Character:  The character is the expression of a man’s overall internal and external appearance, behavior, ideas and interaction. It is the portrayal of all that a man stands for and it is what makes him unique. A sound character is the cornerstone upon which a successful and happy life can be built. It … Read more

Paragraph on Courage & Its Importance in Life

Paragraph on Courage For Students

Courage is the human quality to withstand life challenges with passion, commitment and greater resilience. This Paragraph on Courage talks about meaning, concept and importance of Courage in Life, with easier words, for children and students. This is quite helpful for students in school exams etc. Short Paragraph on Courage & its Importance For Children … Read more

Paragraph on Journey by Bus For Students

Paragraph on a journey by bus

A Journey by bus is a unique lifetime experience. It adds a lot of wonder and excitement that’s worth remembering. The Following Paragraph on a Journey by Bus talks about joys, wonders and pleasures of a journey by bus. It’s quite helpful for students. Paragraph on Journey by Bus For Students Travelling by bus is … Read more