5+ Speeches on Sports | Importance of Sports & Games

Sports and Games are essential to healthy living. The following Speech on topic Sports & Games focuses the role and importance of sports and games in our life, with quotes and examples. It is highly helpful for children & Students.

Speech on Sports| Importance of Sports & Games | Speech on Football | Speeches on Video Games 

The following long & short speeches on various sports topics discusses value & importance of sports in our life.

1. Speech on Sports | Long Speech on Sports For Students

Ladies and Gentleman! We are breathing in 21th century. Time has changed and world has revolutionized itself.

Measures of success has been metamorphosed and living in a modern era requires modern techniques. “survival of the fittest” is trending these day.

Speech on Spors and Games

One has to be fit mentally and physically to cope with the challenges of the world.  Here it is important to emphasized the role of sports and games in the life of a individual.

It is common observation that a people related to sports prove oneself quite successful in every field of life. Success is not only based on your grades thus we need to understand that only degrees are not the secret of successful life.

Sports and games has a very crucial role in this regard. Participation in any game brings long lasting and healthy changes in yourself.

Learning at ground is a life time lessons. Players learn to absorb stress and this quality helps them a lot in there practical life. Besides physical activity keeps them fresh and leaves their mind to peace.

Today! The inclination of youngsters towards sports and games has significantly dwindled as compared to past. People are much into computerized games rather than playing something that proves helpful in true sense.

As a result, many of school kids have weak eye sights and they often feel lassitude. Need of hour is to encourage every kid and youth towards sports and games.

Our Country is mostly populated with youth and its very important to put them into right flow. Apathy of time has already proven destructive and sports can play a key role in this regard. Motivational speakers, authors, teachers, parents and government need to work together to the highlight importance of sports and games.

Schools, colleges and university management need to pay serious attention towards it. Government should organize contests on local levels to encourage our players. Sports and games teach you life. These are simple and thrilling way of getting yourself ready for upcoming challenges. Fret Devito once said
“if doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you.”

Sports teach you to accept challenge, to lead, not to lose hope and keep trying. It brings beautiful changes in you and you feel yourself better. No one can deny these facts.

Living in a developing country like Pakistan we need fittest individuals to empower our country. This is possible by living a complete life and it requires hard word in your respective field and sports to lower the stress at your work.

Its importance has increased many fold for students as they help them to increase their performances. Sports and games give you power of decision making.

A courage to welcome failure with open arms and how to learn from it and these little things are secrets for successful life. People involved in healthy activities like sports and games are the most successful one in the present world. It is necessary to involve yourself in sports for bright and successful future.

2. Speech on Importance of Sports and Games

Ladies and gentleman!Every person wants to be successful in his life and trying hard to reach his goals. The success depends upon your dedication for your goal and soundness of your body and mind.

It is well observed fact that many students fail to show outstanding performance at their school, college or university due to health issues and laziness.

It is also observed in adults as well that they are incapable of doing their best at their work. The reasons behind all these things is lack of sports and games in our life style.

A sound body has a sound mind . Sports and games give you physical fitness, sound decision making skills and many more. Teachers and parents should encourage their kids to play games like cricket, football, hockey etc. These games help them a lot in the coarse of life.

Games not only keep you fit but also increase the efficiency of your mind. Players learn to work with harmony and to overcome the fear of failure. Sports and games play a key role in character building.

As Billie Jean King has said:
“ sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you life.”

One has to accept the importance of sports and should invest his time to be spent in the field. There should be contests at all levels and government should support all the players who are interested in pursuing sports professionally.

There should be play grounds in every city for our youth to keep their selves fit and healthy. Our Country needs highly efficient and energetic people to make their way in life and play important role in development of our country.

3. One Minute Speech on Importance of Sports

Ladies and gentleman! We all are related to some fields of work. No matter you are teacher, student, lawyer, doctor or related to any profession.

One thing that is common among us that we all are humans and we often get tired or stressed due to our monotonous routine. Human body is not a machine and it requires time and investment to keep it working.

Our mind often get frustrated following the same routine every day. It requires replenishment and sports is the best therapy ever in this regard.

People who involve themselves in different sort of sports often find their selves more energetic and they are the happiest people. Today, we are busy bee and have no time for sports this is why different diseases find us an easy target. Obesity, called the mother of all diseases, has increased manifold due to lack of physical activity in our lives.

The need of hour is to understand the importance of sports in our lives. Regardless of which age group you belong, it is crucial to carve some time for sports to better your performance at work.

It gives strength to your mind and activate your cells so that you can observe obvious change in your life. Cycling, swimming, running etc are some healthy sports for our youngsters and kids.

These are fruitful in many ways. Adults should use cycles instead of cars or bikes for transport. Government should build tracks and parks for public to invest their time on their health.

One of the leading cause of increment in different diseases is the lack of healthy life style. Pakistan is the most vulnerable country in this regard and it is now very important to create public awareness on this issue otherwise it would cause irreparable loss.

4. Speech on Football For Students

Ladies and gentleman! Football is one of the few games that require extreme physical work and fitness. No doubt! It is hard to play this game and player needs perfect physical fitness. There is always a risk of serious injuries in this arduous game.

But despite all these risks, I firmly believe that football is the most rewarding game both in matter of health and improvement of your personality. As it is famous maxim “No pain no gain” completely fits for football. It is played all over the world and has far reaching and purifying effects on the players.

No one can question the physical fitness of  football players. Participating in football like any other sport gives a lot of health benefits to players.

Extreme physical activity during football increases speed, soundness, solidity, vision and mental strength. The clear improvement is observed in the nervous coordination of the player.

Football is the game of stamina both mentally and physically and not to give up or get frustrated   till last moment. These are the amour of a skillful man in life.

Football players in a field need to remain fully active mind and keen attention. One has to keep eye on every moment in the field to perform well. Besides, one of most beautiful lesson football teaches is how to work with coordination. Team work has a significant role in this game and we all know that it  is the  most required quality for employment.

Players learn to work with harmony and this capability help them a lot in long run. 11 players playing with absolute harmony and discipline results in abilities that prove helpful in every field of life.

The famous football player Lionel  Messi once said:

“ Money is not a motivating factor…my motivation comes from playing the game I love. If I wasn’t paid to be a professional footballer, I would willingly play for nothing.”

Haplessly, our country has no any international representative team for football. Our players find no place in this field but here it is important to praise all the federations and clubs that are working day and night with little budget to make it possible.

We have amazing and skillful players in our country and in coming future, our country will came out with optimum team. Government should pay heed towards these talented players and give them platform to show their talents.

5. Speech on video Games | Impacts of Video Games on Students

Use of technology for fun is normal in our modern era. Kids as well as adults find it fascinating playing different video games. These are so designed that they have attracted large number of people. Use of video games on such massive scale has proven intriguing for many companies.

Although, these are fully fun packed and people find their time well spent while playing these games but we cant overlook adverse effect of these videos games on immature minds.

Addiction to these games have proven disastrous. Kids spend their most of time in front of screen and it has harmful effects on their health. Radiations emitting from the bright screen of laptop, computer or mobile phone cause cancer. People specially kids prefer these on screen games over out door games that need mechanical work of whole body and refresh our minds.

Kids usually get addict to it and spend most of time on it. No physical activity and keep sitting in one place lead to weak eye sight, muscular pain, weak immunity, and a lot of health issues. Besides, there are a lot of violent scenes in video games in which there is use of weapons. All these things create aggressiveness in young people.

Adolescents who expose themselves to greater amount of video game violence were most hostile, reported getting with arguments in teachers more frequently , were more likely to involve in physical fights and their performance at school was not satisfactory.

Excess of everything is bad and same is this case of video games. Parents need to keep eye on their children in this regard so that they may not get addicted to it. We should compel our teenagers towards healthy activities so that they might play a objective role in the success of our country.


Sports and Games are the essential parts of our living. They have their advantages and a certain disadvantages as well. In addition to above, you can also read here best speeches on multiple topics that are helpful for children and students.

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