Essay on Pongal Festival | 10 Lines & More Sentences Essay For Students

The Pongal is the festival of joy and peace. Here below we have written Short & Long Essay on Pongal Festival, Paragraph on Pongal, 10 points, 10 lines, 5 lines & more sentences on Pongal, history & celebration of Pongal Essay for Children & Students

1. 10 Lines & More Sentences on Pongal Festival For Children

  1. Pongal is really on the biggest and most popular festival celebrated in Tamil Naidu.
  2. It is the harvest festival of south India.
  3. Pongal day is celebrated as Thanks giving day.
  4. It comes in the mid of january and is celebrated for 4 days.
  5. Those 4 days are; Bhogi, Pongal, Maatu Pongal, Kaanum Pongal.
  6. On this day the Pongal dish is prepared and served.
  7. The real treat on Pongal day is the sugar cane. It is really enjoyed by people.
  8. Women keep the homes ready, net and clean ahead of festival.
  9. New and traditional dresses are worn by people on pongal day.
  10. We all love to celebrate joy and fun on Pongal day.

2. 5 Lines on Pongal Festival

  1. Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Pongal is celebrated for 4 days with great love.
  3. Special dishes are prepared and are served.
    On Pongal days every one is happy and share laughter with each other.

Paragraph on Pongal Festival

Short Paragraph on Pongal

3. Essay on Pongal Festival | Pongal Day Celebration For High School & College Level Students

India is famous because of its diversity. Numerous festivals are celebrated here with full enthusiasm. Pongal is another festival celebrated here which is also known as farmers’ festival. It is celebrated in southern states every year on 14th January. It is a four-day festival that is celebrated in the joy of harvesting crops. This festival is dedicated to farmers who work so hard.

History of Pongal Festival

The festivities of Pongal festival date back at least 2,000 years. According to a legend, Lord Shankar ordered his bull to go to Earth and give message to all his worshipers to bathe in oil every day and eat food only once in a month.

But when the bull went to Earth, he spoke all the message in reverse. He asked people to eat food daily and bathe in oil once a month.

Lord became angry hearing this and asked him that if people eat food everyday then from where will that food come from. He ordered the bull as a penalty to go to Earth to help mankind in grain production. Thus, Pongal festival is traditionally a day to praise and worship sun God for helping the farmers in growing better crops.

Importance of Pongal

It is a harvesting festival which is celebrated to thank sun God and Lord Indra for helping the farmers in getting better crops.

This festival marks the beginning of everything good not only for farmers but everyone in this world. It is believed that whatever we start in this period will lead us to a fruitful and prosperous future.

Pongal Celebrations

Pongal festival is celebrated with enthusiasm in South India. On this day, all institutes remain closed. People wear new clothes and make special arrangements.

Women wear beautiful sarees and men wear silk dhoti. The entrance of house is decorated with rangoli. A white paste is used by people to draw beautiful patterns outside their houses. This paste is made from rice flour and it is considered to be pious.

First day of this festival is called ‘bhogi festival’. On this day, a huge bonfire is lit in front of houses. All old clothes and wastes are thrown away and cleanliness is done in every corner of the house.

This is done in order to mark new beginning of life. This fire keeps burning throughout the day. People also apply Kumkum on pottery in their houses on this day. On second day which is thai Pongal, celebrations begin by boiling fresh milk early in the morning and then it boils continuously over the vessel.

This dish is called Pongal which means ‘overflow’. This special dish includes lentils, rice, dry fruits and milk jaggery. On third day which ismattu Pongal, cows and bullocks are decorated with garlands and flowers. This day is especially dedicated to cows.

People worship these cows and bullocks because they support farmers by ploughing the lands. A special event is organized on this day that is ‘bullfight’. This game is played by young unarmed men who try to pull money bags that are tied to the horns of wild bulls.

The fourth day is kanum Pongal when people visit their family and friends. On this day, every one takes blessings of their elders and give gifts to younger ones. Everyone enjoys the last day of festival by dancing and singing folk songs around fire. Sugar cane, coconuts are also offered on this day.


Pongal festival is the most awaited festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Everyone praises and worships God for everything that he gives to his people. This festival brings joy among people and they enjoy it to the fullest.

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