Essay on Zoo | 10 Lines & Short Essay on Zoo For Students

Have you thought ever what is the life of animal in zoo? A visit to a zoo would definitely make you understand how to describe an zoo? Zoo is the place where the animals are kept. Different animals like lion, zebra, giraffe, tiger, deer, monkey, parrot, sparrows and other birds and animals are kept.

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Essay on Zoo | 10 Lines, Short Essay & Paragraph on A visit to Zoo

Human Beings are fascinated by animals. They want to see and observe various species of animals closely. Zoo is the place where they get a chance to see and interact with animals.

It is a place where different species of animals and birds are kept so visitors can watch and entertain themselves. This is the most favorite place of every kid because he gets to see and feed his favorite animals.

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Benefits of Zoo

Zoo might look like a jail for animals but honestly, it is the breeding ground for animals where they can protect their species. They were built to bring wildlife closer to human beings. This gives an opportunity to scientists and researchers to observe animal behaviors more closely.

10 lines essay on zoo for students

Moreover, the whole place is operated by well-trained staff who ensures safety and health of all these animals. Viewing an animal on a television does not give a person same attachment as seeing it live in zoo does. It is a proper place where animals are confined.

They are given proper food and health facilities. The purpose of a zoo is to show us varieties of animals and birds that exist in this world. Zoo is a source of entertainment for children and families. It attracts millions of children every year as it allows them to see real animals. It gives an opportunity to everyone to see those species which are impossible to spot outside.

The animals in zoo are moving around in their own space and it feels very good to see them. This visit gives a chance to everyone to know about various types of animals and birds. It promotes awareness about those animals that are being wiped out.

A visit to zoo is very educative and increases our general knowledge about characteristics of various animals. After a fun trip to zoo, everyone leaves with a newfound perspective about animals. This increases love and respect for animals.

It is a much safer place for animals to live than in woods or grounds. It serves as a breeding ground for species so that they never go extinct.

In a zoo, animals are provided with proper nutrition for their strength and nourishment which is very important because if they were in living in wild, they would not be able to get healthy meal.

Disadvantages of Zoo

Some people do not support this idea of keeping animals in zoo. They think that in zoo, animals are being kept as an exhibition rather than a living being.

Moreover, it is not the natural habitat of animals. Just like humans, who have a chance to live in natural habitat, animals should also get equal opportunity to live in their habitat.

It is not ethical to move these animals from their habitat just for entertainment purposes of human beings. Another disadvantage is that when animals are kept in a zoo, they are continuously watched by public. They do not have their own privacy.

These animals develop certain anxious behaviors. There is no quiet and peaceful place for them. This can lead to aggression and distress in animals. They should get equal chance to spend their free time in their own habitat.

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Zoo is a way to bring wild life closer to human beings. Normally, it is seen that when children go to zoo, they mostly misbehave with animals.

They throw certain things at animals which make them angry. We should not encourage this behavior. When we visit zoo, we should not tease or misbehave with animals. The authorities should also ensure that all animals are safe and sound.

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