Speech on Punctuality | Short & Long Speeches On Punctuality

Read Best Speeches on Punctuality and self discipline its value and importance in student life. These speeches are short, simple, motivational, easy to read and with impressive quotes to be delivered in morning school assembly, at any event or for exam of any level including KG class 1,2,3,45,6,7,8,9,10 and further class students.

Punctuality & Self Discipline, Value & Importance | Speeches For Students

The punctuality & self discipline is essential characteristic values of  a successful life. The punctuality is marked with vigorous set time management, focused goals, accomplishments & achievements. For a highly progressive life these attributes are very important. The following composition sheds light on punctuality & self discipline and their importance in our daily life.

1. Speech on Punctuality

Punctuality with self discipline and good manners is very essential in life. The punctuality, regularity, hard work, discipline, moral values etc are all the noble virtues. In order to get success in personal, professional, or school academic life, you need to adopt the self discipline, good manners, punctuality and regularity in life. It is in fact a bridge between goals and accomplishment.

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Punctuality is defined as the occurrence or happening of something at the appointed time. Simply it is known as acting on right time or the timeliness. It means something done on the proper time.  Likewise it is also known as promptness which means doing things without  the delay.

Value and importance in student’s life

As students are the future of nation.  They are the real architect of the nation. The punctuality plays an important role in the life of a student. A student can’t achieve success without being punctual. It is the key to success. Thus every student needs to adopt punctuality and regularity to succeed in life.

Speeches on Punctuality & Self Discipline in Life For Students

The quality of a best student is punctuality and regularity of work. A punctual student finishes his school’s works within the stipulated time period. A punctual student always gets respect in the eyes of his teachers. In addition to that, he is  also admired and praised in school as well as  at home.

He attracts the due  attention of parents as well the teachers and thereby earn respect in their eyes.  It is rightly said that “ There is a dignity in being on time”.

A good student is he who finishes his school works on time. Punctuality is not only reaching school on time,  it in fact, means to complete work on right time with similar spirit and sincerity.

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It is often observed that those students who do not make planning become victim of lack of punctuality. Someone has rightly said that “Beginning of a great day begins a night before”.

A student who wants to attain punctuality must make plan and preparation of each day’s work. The lack of seriousness and laziness at work breaks punctuality. Therefore a student must be active and agile. The activity and agility of mind and body are possible when a student sleeps and wakes up on time.

Time is the most precious thing in a student’s life. The punctuality teaches the value and importance of time. Even a minute is not less important to a student.

Those who do not know the value of time, they never conquer time. A student needs to work in an organized way on time. Someone is reported to have said that “Punctuality is the thief of time”.  Punctuality helps students to enjoy every moment of life to a large extent.  A punctual student feels relieved and content accomplishing all works on time.

He  enjoys  the fruits of his labor. He never gets stressed due to the pending assignments or bad results whatsoever. Therefore, the punctuality is the essential truth and a sure way to success. We need to learn  and adopt punctuality for our life. It is a vital weapon that we need to make a daily part of our routine life. The habit of punctuality and discipline has multiple rewards in life.

2. Speech on Self Discipline For Children & Students

Honorable all! The topic of my speech is self discipline, its need and importance in our lives. I welcome you all here. As you all know the Discipline is the set of rules and regulations for controlling one’s behavior or a systematic method to achieve the desired results.  While the self discipline is a controlled behavior exercised in one’s life.

The Self discipline is in fact,  a wide spread term. It includes the moral character and ability to handle circumstances in an ordered way. It is bearing good management skills, time management and good social and ethical tendency. If we talk about why self discipline is needed, we have a dozen of answers to that!

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The self discipline is the necessity for success.  The success and achievements are obtained by exercising self discipline in life. History bears witness that all legends and great personalities of world achieved their aims, objectives, goals and desired destination by being self disciplined.

Those who lack these qualities rarely succeed. Those who do not follow the established rules and principles cannot develop to the path of success.  In order to success you must first train yourself and be self disciplined.

It is needed in every walk of life, whether at school, at office, at public place or at religious, social and political ground.  One is obliged to be self disciplined in all walks of life.

Benefits and importance of Self Discipline

As I told earlier that it is all about one’s character.  It is the building block of character. It gives power and help establish good contact and communication with others.

The self discipline is the name of having ability and control over one’s actions and reactions. Man is known by his actions and the way he reacts. One who can’t control his or her actions fails to achieve success like wise one who lacks ability to react well in some hard situations also bites the dust.

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Since our actions are a step towards success, we must be careful before jumping. One must know the consequences of one’s actions. Each and every action of ours is counted. So one must act accordingly and respond orderly and systematically.

Someone has rightly said that self discipline is the true strength of a person. One who has no power over his own self, can’t get the power and therefore can’t win the hearts of others. The self discovery is the most effective tool to attain success. One who is not known of his own powers and of his or her own self can’t start a journey to success.

In the end I would like to take my place with the words of Plato who has beautifully defined the importance of self discipline that “The first and best victory is to conquer self”.

Indeed all the secrets and mysteries of word are hidden in your self. Discover your self first of all and later start the discovery of world. Let’s study self and try to be self disciplined first to achieve our resolutions and to succeed in life.

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  1. Punctuality is needed in all facets of life, hence we need to acclimatize ourselves to being punctual at all times in our various activities so as to become part and parcel of us. It actually defines who we are to others.


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