Essay On Nature | Its Role & Importance of Save Nature For Students

Nature & all environment around us is like our mother. The beautiful nature is a blessing for human being. Essays & Speeches on Nature, its benefits, role, importance and need to save and conserve nature for human being.

These essays are detailed, persuasive, inspirational, long and short, with quotes, examples, outline, heading, introduction for easy, simple read for students. The essays are simple, short, easy to understand and are meant for class 1 KG students to class 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 class students.

Nature; Meaning, Essence, Importance in Life | Essays & Paragraphs on Nature, Its Role & Importance

The Nature is an important part and parcel of our environment. In fact, the nature adds meaning and life to this planet earth. The nature is the treasure house of every important element that sustains life on this mother earth. The following paragraphs talk about nature, its beauty, role and importance in our life.

1. Essay on Nature & Its Beauty For Students

Nature is everything around us. It provides the beauty to our environment. Without the amazing gifts of nature the human life would have dull and meaningless. Nature is one of the best, precious and noblest gift of God on this planet.

The beauty of nature is always matchless. Nature has placed everything useful, with order and purpose in our life. The examples of nature in lives are; the glowing rivers, the beautiful valleys, wonderful mountains, beautifully singing birds, the oceans, the blue sky, the changes of seasons, the rain, the beautiful moonlight etc. In fact, we can’t count the blessing of nature on human being.

The nature has beautiful varieties on this planet. There are thousands of creatures living on this planet. They all are serving a defined purpose on this planet. No creature is useless or out of value. Every creature, though crawling on earth or flying into the sky, is the beauty of nature.

Essays on Nature-Its Role & Importance in Human Life

Mankind is dependent on nature. In fact, it is the nature that has made the life possible over here on earth. We use nature in varying in our life. We are dependent on season, rivers, mountains, birds, tree, plants, fountains, etc in varying ways of our life.

Nature has social, psychological, economical and political value in our life. The mountains protect us, the river feed us, the plants give us the food to live by, the earth sustains us etc. In fact, every creature of nature is very useful for human being.

Nature is our best friend. It has made human life sustainable over here on this planet earth. As an earth, nature is our mother. It is our best teacher.

Apart from other value, nature is the best human cure as well. It helps us getting relaxed and entertained. A walk into the nature, in green forest with birds singing and sweet breeze around, touches our spirit.

It is quite heartening to note that, despite this matchless value of nature, she is being abused by human being. The nature has been repeatedly abused, threatened and destroyed by varying human activities for past a hundred years or more.

We are witnessing the nature is falling back due to angry, greedy and lustful actions of human being that are harming the nature. The conservation of beautiful is what we need today in order to maintain the beauty of nature in our life. We need to spread knowledge and awareness to halt the ongoing process of destroying nature. We need to understand the importance and value of nature. Only in the way of conservation of nature we can assure good future to our coming generation.

2. Essay on Nature & Its Role in Our Life

Nature is one of the amazing gifts that the planet earth is blessed with. It is the matchless beauty of planet earth. Nature the sweet singing of birds, change of season, blessed morning and evenings, glowing of rivers, thunderstorms, rains, glaciers, mountains etc.

In fact, mankind can never count the variety and blessing of nature. The nature is in fact a sustaining element of human life here. The nature has a great value and importance in human life. We need the water, fresh air and earth to maintain our life.

The life of mankind is entirely dependent on nature. The sun gives the daylight and other benefits to humans. The rivers and canals feed the human life.

The earth help grow the food for almost every creature on this planet earth. The mountains protect us in different ways. In fact, every single thing of nature is of great value and importance for us.

Nature is our best teacher, mother and a friend. Unfortunately, the nature has suffered a lot at the hands of human being. During the a hundred years or more, mankind has been harming and destroying nature in varying ways. The industrial and technological progress of mankind has badly hit the flow and rhythm of nature.

We have been excessively misusing nature and its resources for our material gains without acknowledging the fact that its destruction would end the human life.

The nature provides us the best environment. Everything that we use in our life is given by nature. In fact the scientific and industrial progress of today’s world is made possible by using the natural resources given by the nature. It is the treasure house of many precious things that are useful for our life.

Unfortunately, mankind has little realized the value of nature. He has been misusing nature and its resources mindlessly. With the help of modern technology mankind has been disproportionately misusing the natural resources.

The excessive use of many natural resources like coal, petroleum, mineral resources etc has proved fatalistic for our environment earth and ultimately for nature as well. The current human culture of greed and monopoly has proved disastrous for nature as well as for human life.

It is the time that we realize the value and importance of our mother nature. The extinction of nature is our collective issue. In order to address it effectively we need to plan and act accordingly. We need to save nature to save our future generations.

3. Essay on Save Nature Save Life For Students

The nature is an important element of human life on this planet earth. It is the single most element that connects all the living creatures and provides means of living for them. Without the nature the life on this plant is unthinkable.

The conservation of nature refers to important human efforts to save nature from being lost. It refers to thinking of mankind where he is concerned about the safety and survival of nature.

Nature has countless blessing on human being. All the things that make life going on this planet like water, light, seasons, atmosphere, trees and plants and other countless other things.

Since his birth, mankind has been using nature as his single mean of survival. In fact, what mankind has achieved today is made possible because of using nature and its resources. Nature has been the main reason behind the scientific and industrial progress of human being till today. Mankind has exploited all natural resources like oceans, waters, mountains, petroleum and other resources for his own benefit.

The world is progressing at very fast speed. In this craze of progress and development, mankind has been misusing nature and its resources. The excessive use of of natural resources has badly disturbed the ecosystem of life here on this earth. Reluctantly, we are facing a host of issues that, if not stopped, would end human life here.

The earth is like our dear mother. It holds us and keeps us hale and healthy. Unfortunately, mankind has been very ungrateful to the earth. Mankind, over the course of times, has been destroying the nature.

The cutting of trees, burning of fossil fuels, the contamination of land, water and environment etc has badly disturbed the ecosystem of our life. The nature is at the great risk.

The nature is experiencing decline by the passage of every year, due to various unchecked harmful activities of mankind. The atmosphere is being polluted by the release of contaminating and hazardous elements into it. We are witnessing the changes in the climate patterns.

The torrential rains, floods, droughts, earthquakes, landslides and depletion of glaciers etc are the living testimony to this fact. The conservation of nature is very important for our future generation. Because it is the time we need to act upon to save nature to save future. The preservation of nature is a collective issue of humanity.

There are needed concrete action from all. It is the responsibility of all the countries around the world to act meaningfully on the preservation of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is nature in simple words?

In simple words nature consists of beauty all around that is visible on earth. The beauty of nature include green forests, trees, variety of birds, mountains, valleys, green meadows, oceans, glaciers, blue sky, rains, storms, sun, stars, moon etc.

These all are the part of nature. They all play a designed and dedicated role with commitment and dedication. Nature has created many pleasant things for human-being. The lovely mornings, raining nights, sunny days, beautiful evenings etc all are the part of nature

2. How is Mother Nature?

The Nature is in fact our mother. It has provided every mean of human survival here on earth. Without the role and support of nature the life could never have been made possible on this earth.

3. What is the importance of the nature?

Nature with all its components is vital part of life cycle here on earth. All the components of nature like days and nights, sun, moon, rains, green forests, trees, crops etc are a part of living eco system. The entire life of human being is dependent on nature. In fact, mankind is thankful to nature who has provided each and every mean of survival here on earth.

4. How can we save nature?

The conservation of nature is an important need of the times today. Regrettably, mankind has been tarnishing nature mindlessly. The nature can still be saved with dedicated and collective steps of mankind.

The nature saving steps include; cutting carbon, fossil fuels emission, reversing climate change, planting more and more trees, stopping use of plastic in all forms, preventing deforestation, using green energy, preventing water and soil pollution in all forms etc. By taking all of these steps we can surely conserve nature for life.

5. What can nature teach us?

The nature teaches us the greatest lessons in our life. It teaches us the lessons of patience, tolerance, consistency, selfless sacrifice, struggle, honesty and persistence in our life. The nature teaches us the value and importance of goals and commitment in our life.

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