Essay on A Stitch in Times Saves Nine [ Explained with Examples ]

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A Stitch in times Saves Nine Essay | Short & Long Essay (100,200,300,500 words) For Students


Stitch in time saves nine is a famous proverb. This old saying has a message of spending a well managed and successful life. It refers to a small ratter in a cloth. If we do not fix it in time, it may be more problematic in future.

This phrase teaches us to solve our problems in time to avoid extra energy and time. It is very important to make prior preparations for every coming problem.

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It will be great safe in future and will help us to avoid the problems. We will save our time and may spend it on other useful activities.

Explanation with Examples

We all need to be careful in the course of life. Life is not a bed of roses. We face a lot of problems and troubles. Life offers a lot of challenges to us. One has to face all these troubles. There is way to avoid these problems by careful way of living.

We just need to take action in time. Our little carelessness may lead to very big trouble in future. It is very important to be careful about every little thing in your life. We should recognize the problem in time and put our efforts to solve it.

This will help us to avoid tension in future. At times, problems do not seem big. They can easily be rectified by little efforts but if left unchecked may cause huge problem. One should try to live a careful life.

It is very important to keep eye on every wrong doing or even little problems in your lives. These can easily be rectified in start but later on they are difficult to treat. We all have observed this thing in our daily life.

Sometimes our little carelessness yields very big problems. Similarly, people often avoid little medical issues. They hardly take notice of it but in future these small problems lead to in curable diseases.

Doctors always advise us to not to take your health for granted. Many diseases are curable at early stages but become totally incurable with passage of time like cancer. This is live saving to solve the problems in time.

Value & Importance

A stitch in time saves your time. Time is the biggest blessing of Almighty. It is most precious thing in man`s life. Successful people value their time and do not waste it. If we solve the problem immediately, it will safe our time to large extent.

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Moreover, very little effort is required to solve the trouble, this will safe your energy. This phrase leads you towards managed and successful way of living.


This phrase teaches us true way of living. It is best way to reach your destination and achieve your goals. If someone does not follow these instructions in life, it will lead him to big failures in life.

Careful living and time saving techniques are key stone to success in life. It is our responsibility to practice these things in our daily life to safe ourselves from troubles.

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