Essay on Importance of Computer in Life for Students

Computers are really very important in today’s life!. I have written a beginners level essay on topic Importance of computer, covering; 5 importance of computers, points, importance of computers in our daily life, computer education, in points and additionally, short & long essay on importance of computer in 120, 150, 200 words & 500 plus words essay for students.

Essay on Importance of Computers | In Points, For Children & Students


Computers are the electronic devices that process input to generate output. They can perform such multiple and complex tasks that are impossible for a human mind to complete efficiently. There is hardly any function which a computer cannot perform.

importance of computers essay for students

In today’s world, computers are required in every field. From children to adults, from students to teachers, from free lancers to businessmen, everyone is dependent on computers for their work. These computes not only work efficiently but also provide best results.

Importance of Computers

The importance of computers in our daily life is undeniable. Now a days, the value of computers has increased a lot due to the facility of internet connection with computers. No doubt, they are important in every field of life.

In Work Place

There was a time when people had to work till late night to work manually in offices. Luckily, computers have become so advanced that now they can easily be used in workplace for different purposes like creating worksheets, managing accounts and storing all the data.

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They can perform quick processing of data without causing any errors. This has made our life easier by reducing the work load and saving time.

In Our daily Life

In our daily life, we need so many things to do our work like calculator, paper, pen, books, diary, notepad etc. but we can find all these things in a single device called ‘computer’.

In computers, we can use notepads to save our daily schedule, calculator to make calculations, Word-Pad to write or make presentations and also store our personal passwords without any worry.

In Field of Education

Before the invention of computers, The scope of education for students was just limited to books. They had difficulties to complete their projects without any idea or help. But now, computers have made their life easier.

They can find every information related to their subjects in a computer which is connected to internet. They can download all articles or books in their computer and read them any time.

This helps them a lot in increasing their general knowledge. They can store all their documents in the form of soft copies in computer which allows them to read at any time and any place.

For Entertainment Purposes

Computers have so many amazing features that will not let anyone get bored. Children can play games or watch their favorite shows. A person can easily download his favorite movies or songs to spend his free time.

Data Storage

A computer has huge storage space which allows us to save all our memorable pictures and videos in it. We can save all our documents, pictures, video and music easily in our computers without getting worried about storage space.

For Communication Purposes

A computer connect to internet helps us to stay connected with our family and friends no matter in which part of the world they reside. We can easily talk to them through mail or video camera because of which distance is not a problem anymore.

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In Medical Field

Computers are doing a great job in the field of medical. They are used to locate and examine the area of injury in order to get precise results.


A computer is the greatest invention created for mankind. Our life is surrounded by these computers. There is not even a single feature that an advanced computer does not offer.

The invention of computers has brought a revolution in the way we think and work. That day is not too far when this world will become fully dependent on computers. It is indeed a wonderful invention for mankind.

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