Paragraph on Computer | Simple, Easy for Children & Students

Computer is the most important useful invention of modern times. There is a great importance, uses and importance of computers in our life. The following paragraphs on computer are really helpful for children & students of Primary, High school and college life students.

Paragraph on Computers | Type, Parts, Importance, Uses & Benefits of Computer

The computer is one of the wonderful blessing that we enjoy in today’s times. We have written this simple, easy and understandable paragraphs on computer, types, importance & uses for children and students.

You would learn the following important points on Paragraphs on computer for children & students.

  • What is computer?
  • Types of computer
  • Parts of computer
  • Input and output devices of computer
  • Uses of computer
  • Importance of computer
  • Computer is a boon or bane?


There are many electronic devices among all devices computer is the most used and useful device. It is used to perform several functions, its importance and uses are beyond description.

Paragraph on Computer For Children & Students

Types and Parts of Computer Paragraph

There are three main types of this electronic device, namely Analog computers, Digital computers and Hybrid Computers. Computer is computer but they are classified and categorized on the basis of their speed and accuracy.

Each type of computer is used for perform specific functions respectively. There are four main parts of a desktop computer, they are Monitor, Keyboard, CPU and Mouse. Monitor is a TV like machine called an output device.

It displays the data while keyboard is an input device used to give commands. Mouse is a pointing device and CPU is the brain of computer. Charles Babbage is called the father of computer because he invented it first. He invented computer in 1837.

Uses of computer Paragraph

There are many uses of this device, apart from processing and storing data it is used to control and run different machines and equipment, to sell and introduce goods and services and to organize large firms and businesses.

The most important use of computers is the storage of information. It is also used to send and receive mails, messages, videos and transfer of files and data.

The word computer is taken from word compute means to calculate and count, it is used to make big calculations. Thousands of software and applications have been introduced which are used to perform several functions.

Nowadays most of the teachers and students are also dependent on this device. Students use it to make presentations projects, assignments and to search information and to store data.

Doctors, engineers, bankers and people belonging to all fields use this device to perform several tasks. Doctors use it to conduct different medical procedures like X-ray, CT scam, MRI tests etc, engineers use it to draw maps and charts. Computers are very important in banks.

Importance of computer Paragraph

Computer is a wonderful electronic device, it plays an important role in our lives. It is used at every walk of life, these days we human are entirely dependent on computers. It has become ubiquitous device used everywhere.

There is hardly any place where computers are not used. It is found in homes, schools, offices, colleges, universities, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, museums etc.

It is very important because of its wide usage, efficiency and accessibility. It can store huge amount of data and works faster than human. It has changed the lifestyle of men.

This device is the miracle of science which has benefited mankind immensely. This device has improved our lives and has changed the outfit of whole world. In this post modern period one can not expect to succeed and thrive without this device.

The world has become a global village. The introduction of internet has revolutionized the lives of people. In this period of science and technology skills of computer are very necessary.

Benefits of Computers Paragraph

Indeed computer is very helpful device, it is used in all fields and at every walk of life. It is a boon for mankind. All inventions are very beneficial but sometimes these inventions become a bane for mankind. Because of computer and its wide use human have forgot to work.

It has reduced manual work, it has affected human activity and has made man lazy. We have become slave to our own invention. The human to human interaction and communication is broken.

People prefer using free time in front of computers or laptops instead of communicating with family members and relatives. The internet access on computer help increase many social evils like immorality.

A boon for mankind become a curse if it is not used judiciously. There are many ill effects of computers, specially new generation is more affected.


Computer is the widely used electronic device. This is the Era of computer, one can not live without computer. It has become like a family member.

Among all miracles of science, computer is the most familiar one which is used everywhere and every time.

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