Essay on Yoga, Importance & Benefits of Yoga Essay

The Yoga is best ancient Indian practice with great many benefits for life. The yoga is practiced worldwide now with a huge popularity, especially in western countries.

The following Essay discusses Yoga, meaning & value of Yoga, importance and benefits of Yoga for life. The essay is written in simple language and is quite helpful for students.

Essay on Yoga, Importance, Experience & Benefits For Modern Life

Yoga is an old art in which body is connected with mind. It is a type of exercise through which all elements of body are linked with mind with the help of meditation and relax. It is defined as the act of emptying the mind to have interaction with inner self.

Body and soul get connected through yoga. A balance between body and soul is possible through yoga. Yoga is a sanskirt language word which means union and discipline. It is a breathing exercise in which one learns to control movement of different organs of body and connects body with soul.

Brief History of Yoga

Yoga was introduced from subcontinent India by the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism, those who performed it were called yogis. Slowly and gradually it spread to western countries, nowadays all around the world people do yoga to keep their body and mind connected and to lead a healthy life.

India is very famous because of yoga. The one who teaches yoga is called yogi, a yogi is revered and respected by its followers. Most importantly it is an exercise which people belonging to all religions can perform. Yoga has become very famous throughout the world, every year 21st June is celebrated international yoga day all around the globe.

On this day awareness is spread among people about benefits and importance of yoga. Basically it originated from India and spread like wildfire throughout the world.

Experience of Yoga

When I practiced yoga I felt very peaceful and disciplined. It is an amazing experience to unite body and its organs with soul through meditation, one who learns to meditate he or she can transcend from bodily existence and can reach peaceful state of mind which brings harmony in life. One learns to get control over physical self, emotions and desires and attains spiritual self.

Importance & Benefits of Yoga For Health

Yoga is very beneficial exercise because one can control his or her body through meditation. Yoga is rich source of releasing stress and anxiety. It teaches discipline and unity.

One who practice yoga become start uniting soul with others and experience self discipline. It unites people in brotherhood, harmony and peace. People of all age can perform this exercise.

Yoga is quite useful exercise because it provide relief and keeps mind and body away from ailments. It strengthens our soul and gives us sweet feelings of healthiness.

It sharpens our wit and improves our intelligence. It’s a perfect remedy of health & fitness. It enhances social well being and help connect us with nature and its beauty. Regularity of yoga create self-awareness and makes one disciplined. It help shun negative thoughts and finish element of negativity.

It develops higher level of patience. It is a best form of exercise to maintain good health. It gives sound mental clarity and boosts the intelligence. It is a most effective breathing exercise, those who perform yoga their respiratory system works well and they never get any respiratory disorder.

It saves us from many diseases of body and soul. It’s a total journey towards health & hygiene. It create sate of tranquility and peace. The peace and tranquility descends through meditation, one who enjoys peace of soul also shares peace with others.


The internal mechanism of body works smoothly with yoga, it regularize the function of different organs of body including heart. It is a best way of unwinding stress, anxiety and confusion. It clears mind, reduces the fears and balances body and soul

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