Essay on Fitness | Fitness Beats Pandemic Essay

Fitness……………! Probably the most searched word on Google right now. People across age groups, gender and geography want to know what is fitness and why they should maintain it. Well, I would say that fitness is a state of health in which all body systems are functioning normally… in other words, the level of physical and mental wellness attained by someone in order to be capable of performing daily activities without undue fatigue or health problems.

Essay on Fitness | Importance, Benefits, Fitness Beats the Pandemic

The fitness is the ability to function in daily activity. It encompasses physical, emotional and mental health. It is not a look but a state of being. It is a point in an individual’s life when one can live comfortably without being in a state of disease. The main advantage of being fit is that it boosts the body’s defense mechanism which helps in fighting diseases. It promotes longevity.

Essay on fitness

Importance of fitness in Life:

We can’t live a healthy life without maintaining our fitness level. We all know that the sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading cause of diseases like diabetes, cardiac arrest and obesity. Regular fitness activity comes with the benefits. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and lungs and relieve stress and helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It has the benefit of Lower risk of obesity, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. The fitness helps in reducing the risk of certain cancers and it enhances mood and helps handle daily stress. It makes a person energetic throughout the day, making him/her want to look forward to each day. This is the reason why we all should start an exercise routine and maintain a balance in our lifestyle

Fitness beats Pandemic

Fitness has the ability to prevent and cure many diseases. As we all know that good health is the base for all other things in Life. It help you to shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight and boost energy levels and also help in improving self-esteem. The regular fitness known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, maintaining healthy joints, increase energy levels and reduces stress and greatly improve the quality of your life. It enhances mood and helps handle daily stress.

Fitness is helpful against COVID 19

Fitness is an effective weapon against COVID 19. if you want to increase your chances of staying healthy in this pandemic then start working out and stay fit.

People who are fit can fight better against COVID 19. If you are fit, then it means that your body is healthy and strong enough to take on any attacks of COVID 19. You are less likely to get infected if you are fit as your immune system is strong enough to fight against any germs or viruses.

Staying Fit Against COVID 19:

This is not an easy task as it needs a lifestyle change and only you can make such changes with your own will and hard work. You may consider the following lifestyle changes;

  1. Start an exercise routine: Exercise is the best way to maintain fitness. It is the only way to get yourself moving. Start running, jogging or walking in your neighborhood.
  2. You can also go for swimming, cycling or dancing. You can join a local gym and go for the activities suggested by the instructor.
  3. Eat healthy: When you exercise, make sure that you are eating healthy. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables to get enough amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your body. Make sure that you are drinking enough water to rehydrate your body.
  4. Cut out on extra carbohydrates: Reduce your intake of processed foods and sugar which in turn causes your body to store fat. Extra carbs when consumed lead to extra weight gain and also it is an unhealthy option.
  5. Sleep properly: One of the main reasons for stress is lack of sleep. COVID 19 causes a lot of stress and tension, which affects your sleeping habits.
  6. Practice breathing exercises: Breathing exercises such as meditative breathing can help you to relax your body and mind. If you are stressed, then try the balloon exercise which is very simple and effective.


The regular exercise is what you should do to stay fit and comfortable. It can be fun and enjoyable if you start doing it on a regular basis. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy for the best outcomes.

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