Essay on Fit India Movement [ Purpose, Benefits, Working ]

The aim of Fit India movement is to ensure that people maintain their body weight and stay healthy by following fitness regime and adopting healthy lifestyle. This will be achieved through various initiatives like Yoga, making it a mass movement and propagating it across the nation.

Essay on Fit India Movement | Purpose, Vision, Objects, Importance,

The Fit India Movement is the government’s endeavor to prevent lifestyle diseases in India. The primary objective of this movement is to achieve ‘pervasiveness of physical activities in life’ among people. The fit India Movement will positively impact the youth, women and senior citizens in our country which can lead to healthier, happier and mentally alert society.

Essay on fit India Movement

Purpose of Fit India Movement

The Government of India has launched the Fit India Movement in order to sensitize citizens about keeping fit, which also includes cleanliness and healthy eating besides exercise. The aim is to promote health consciousness in an attempt to reduce avoidable illness among Indians. This will benefit the general public by reducing healthcare costs and improving the overall quality of life. There are many public health challenges in India, which poses a huge economic burden on the country.

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The vision of Fit India movement is to create awareness among Indians about healthy lifestyle and to improve their fitness level through various activities including Yoga. This will be possible only when participation of every citizen in the community is ensured.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is responsible for implementing various activities under the Fit India Movement. This ministry was given a responsibility by the Prime Minister on 17th April 2015 which says, “The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be the Nodal Ministry for implementing this programme.”

Process; How it will work?

The Prime Minister will himself take an active part in this movement by participating in various activities under the Fit India Movement. Various events like mass Yoga demonstration, mass awareness programs in schools and colleges will be organised to ensure that the message reaches every corner of society. Celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan will also participate in promoting this movement along with other sports personalities

The government will involve NGOs in this movement to ensure that the message reaches every section of society. The Ministry of AYUSH will be the nodal agency for checking the growing problem of lifestyle diseases among Indians. This includes sedentary lifestyle, stress, addiction to cigarettes and tobacco besides increasing prevalence of obesity related problems like diabetes and hypertension.

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The government is also expected to take steps to popularize traditional Indian systems of medicine for treatment of lifestyle related diseases. The role of Yoga in promoting health consciousness among people will be paramount under this movement.

Who will benefit from Fit India Movement?

The movement will positively impact all sections of society. The Indian population is young and majority of its citizens are below the age of 35 years, which includes adolescents who can be targeted through Yoga training camps. It could have a great impact on reducing obesity, hypertension, diabetes by promoting physical activity among them. The senior citizens can benefit from this movement by ensuring their mobility and fitness. Moreover, the school children can also be explained about the importance of good health to stay fit.

The emphasis on ‘physical activity for all’ will have a positive impact on improving the overall quality of life in society, which will include betterment of women’s health through physical activities especially yoga. This will further give women the confidence to participate in various activities of daily life after their marriage.

The police force will be benefited from this movement by reducing their stress levels and improving physical fitness. This will improve the morale of officers who perform duties for a very long period of time. The amount spent on health care can be reduced, which will benefit the government exchequer.

The people will be benefited from Fit India Movement as awareness about fitness and health consciousness will be enhanced among them. This would have a positive impact on the economy of the country as it is known that healthy population can contribute to nation building by being active contributors in socio-economic development of the nation. So, planning for better health of citizens can lead to healthy economy.

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The Fit India Movement is the need of the hour to bring about a positive change in Indian population which can lead to healthy nation, a better economy and a robust democracy. As a responsible citizen, everyone should support this movement to ensure that it reaches its logical conclusion.

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