Essay on Education Should be Free [ Benefits of Free Education ]

Education is a necessity for all human beings. It should not be denied to anyone due to lack of funds. People who are educated are more likely to excel in their individual walks of life and contribute more towards the national development efforts that those who aren’t educated. Unfortunately, the general trend in many countries is to charge for even primary education.

While this might not deter poor families from sending their kids to school, it certainly puts a pressure on them and forces them to either abandon their children or work harder at their jobs. That’s why free education is so important and should be universal.

Should Education be Free? | Short & Long Essay For Students

Education is the development of knowledge, skills and character. For humans, it may be considered any knowledge which was assimilated or learned. It means that you should develop your strength to control yourself; to choose your destiny by your own; to teach others and develop yourself in the same time.

Why Education is not Free?

Education is not free because it costs money; schools, universities, teachers and the curricula need to be provided for. How much you spend on your child’s education depends on what kind of school they attend like private or public schools. Houses that are close to the school will benefit their children more than living further away from it. Also, if people pay to go to college they will most likely get a better job after graduation. This means more taxes for the government, which can be used in programs like welfare and health care.

Benefits Why Education Should be Made Free:

Education is the basic Right.  All human beings should have the right to education. We should start this from childhood by providing them free education at their home, through which we will be able to fulfill our dream of a developed society.

Education is the only way to change your life, which you cannot buy with money. Education keeps your mind open and creative, so that you can yourself define your future of success or failure by your own.

Education teaches skills of living;  it teaches how to live, not just exist. It enables one to find work and earn livelihood. Education is the best way by which we can encourage the lower class children to fight against poverty, inequality and other social evils. Education should be made free for all people of the world to develop their nation without any discrimination on the basis of caste or religion.

Education in a country is a crucial factor by which you can judge the progress of a nation. To become a developed society, we have to improve our education system and provide free education for all below poverty line people. There is no better way than Education to eradicate poverty from this world.

Educating poor children has an additional benefit of decreasing the birth rate of the next generation. Educating children also leads them towards more responsible parenting in future which will decrease population growth.

Education provides mental satisfaction, so that they can provide better living standards to their family members by working hard, while staying away from negative things like drugs and gambling. It makes us understand our surroundings properly which helps us to choose our path of life.

If society is filled with educated people, then the environment in that society will be much better than the one in which uneducated people live. If all the children are provided free education, there will be no child labor and it keeps them away from drugs or other illegal activities to earn money for food.

Education provides a sense of discipline and proper thinking. It teaches us to solve problems at their occasions, not creating them unnecessarily.

Education is a way which does not discriminate on the basis of caste or religion; it brings equality, making all humans equal from birth till death. It helps us to face the challenges in life with courage and without any fear.

Finally, if we provide basic education to all people of the country, it will help in achieving our dream of a developed society without any poverty or inequality.


Education is the way to development of any nation, so it should be made free for all people below poverty line. It will help us to take our country into a modernized society without any caste or religion discrimination.

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