Essay on Anger | Causes & Impacts of Anger on our Life

Many people are unable to understand the state of mind in which they get angry. Some believe that when they get angry it gives them power but what actually happens is there body responses become aggressive and impulsive. This affects their life as well as others around them which results into destruction of personal or professional relationships. Read the following essay on anger for children and students.

Essay on Anger | Impacts of Anger Essay For students

Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response. It is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat. In humans and animals, anger is an instinctive response to danger, threat, attack is found. .

Essay on anger for students

Anger can occur when a person feels their personal boundaries are attacked. It is typically related with the Pride and haughtiness.  The anger is often expressed when a person’s integrity is violated. It may be used as a means to vent frustration when things seem hopeless. Anger is used as a protective mechanism to cover up fear, hurt or sadness. It is also used to achieve specific results, even if the results are socially undesirable. The external expression of anger

When a person is angry, it affects the way they behave with others or in any situation that arises around them. They might not be able to control their emotions even in trying circumstances which affect their everyday life. Anger makes people aggressive and impulsive leading to wrong things being done

Causes of Anger in Life

The reasons for anger can vary from person to person. However, some general common reasons are

1. Frustration:  When a person is not able to achieve what they want due to lack of power or knowledge or even because something or someone has come in between.

2. Disappointment:  When the goals are not met and the person has worked hard for them or someone or something has stopped him/her from achieving those goals.

3. Repressed feelings:   When the feelings are not expressed and they build up inside which leads to anger, at first it is just anger but then over a period of time leads to depression.

4. Jealousy:   When a person loses power or position to someone else or feels threatened by others.

5. Loss:   When there is loss of something loved by the person, due to circumstances beyond control, like death of loved ones etc.

Love/Anger issues with parent’s are major reasons for anger among people. This could be what they experienced in their childhood or what they are experiencing in present.

Impacts of Anger on Personal Relations

It is essential for human beings to have close personal relations with their family members around them. It may sometimes create the Jealousy. But when a person is angry, it leads to aggressive behavior which will not only affect their own life but also everyone else in that environment causing destruction of relationship among the people involved. When there are issues in relationships due to anger, rest of the life becomes difficult as there is lack of trust and understanding, leading to lack of happiness in life.

Impacts of anger on Professional Relations

When a person is not able to control his/her feeling of anger, it causes hurtful behavior towards the people in that environment carrying out their work. This creates problems among them which affects their works and the business suffers loss. It becomes difficult for the manager of the organization to provide good treatment to all employees when they are angry leading to loss of production.

Anger among students

Many students feel that when they get angry, it is easy for them to express their feelings than keeping the feelings within them. But when you are in anger state of mind your body responses become aggressive and impulsive. When one student gets angry it affects everyone around him/her not only his/her friends but also teachers and other staff members. Anger among students becomes a major concern as it affects their studies and their relationships.


Anger is a normal feeling but when it is in excess that person loses their power to control it. When a person becomes too angry, in most cases they hurt themselves or others in someway or the other which could lead to serious consequences. It is good for a person to be able to express their anger in a calm and composed manner so that they can maintain their relationship with others and live a happy life.

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