Essay on an Ideal Teacher | Qualities of an Ideal Teacher

Teaching is sharing of knowledge by a teacher to his/her students. The teacher imparts the desired skills, knowledge and understanding to the students for their further study or other purposes like employment etc. This is done by sharing experience gained at their end through out years of exposure with the student.

Read the following short and long essay on an ideal teacher with main points, qualities that make a teacher an ideal. This essay is quite helpful for children and students

Essay on an Ideal Teacher | Important Qualities that Make a Teacher Ideal 

Teacher plays an important role in the society because they are the ones who ensure that students not only get quality education but also inculcate good virtues and ethics to live a rich, meaningful life. They mold the future of any nation by ensuring that every student under their guidance is imparted with knowledge that fulfills their needs at present and also helps them in their future.

Essay on an Ideal Teacher

Qualities of an Ideal Teacher

There are a lot of qualities that make a teacher Ideal and excellent, however it all boils down to some core factors. It is important to note that consistency in these qualities will contribute to the overall image of the school.

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1) Attentive: The most important quality of an ideal teacher is their ability to be attentive to all their students. They need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently so as not to lose students’ attention, as well as interpret the needs of individual students and adapt their teaching according.

2) Good communicator: A teacher should ideally be a good orator and an excellent motivator. This is one area that is often overlooked in education, but is extremely important. They should be able to communicate their knowledge clearly and command the attention of all students. In addition they need to be able to inspire students with a vision of the future as well as keep them motivated.

3) Team player: A teacher should always work as a team member and never try to shoulder the blame alone. They should also be able to put their side of the argument across, however they should remember that they are working as a team member and not on their own.

4) Confident: A teacher ideally should have sound knowledge about the subject matter being taught. It is important for them to have confidence in their abilities so as to give their students the right impression.

5) Organized: A teacher needs to be organized in order to keep track of their own work and the activities of their students. They should allocate specific periods for each activity and try and stick towards that time table.

6) Good with technology: Technology is an extremely important part in today’s world, so a teacher should be able to keep up with the advancements to make sure they are not left far behind. They need to understand the advantages of using technology in their teaching methods and then apply it accordingly.

7) Inspiring: A teacher is a role model for his or her students, so he or she needs to set an example by being an inspiration. They need to set goals and standards for themselves so as to inspire their students.

8) Organizer: A teacher should be creative and teach new creative ideas to their student. They should introduce concepts that the students never knew of, which means they will have to get creative and come up with methods on how best to impart knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and grasp.

9) Kind: A teacher needs to be kind and friendly so as to form a good rapport with their students. They should be able to empathize with their student’s problems and try to help them in the best way possible.

10) Patient: Above all, a teacher needs patience in order to deal with all kinds of students. Their students may not be the most hardworking or attentive, so they need to have patience and teach them every day with the same enthusiasm as day one. Along with this quality, a teacher should also keep an open mind and try to understand their students instead of constantly labeling them with negative attributes.

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An ideal teacher is one who can share information, knowledge and skill with his/her students in an effective way that results in the student’s development.  He or she is the one who takes keen interest in the student’s growth and ensures that students not only excel in their academics but also become a complete human being with all good qualities.

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