Peacock Essay | 10 Lines, Short Essay & Paragraph For Students

Peacock is the national bird of India. This bird is very colorful and beautiful. The following 10 lines and more sentences on peacock describe its qualities, features and characteristics. Read short essay and Paragraph on Peacock for Students.

Peacock Short Essays & Paragraphs for Children & Students

Peacock is very lovely and cute bird. This beautiful bird is liked by everyone. The following composition of essays & Paragraphs discuss the features and attributes of this lovely bird.

Ten Lines on Peacock- Essay for Children

1.This beautiful bird is very shy in nature and is very timid.

2.They are very alert in nature, make shrill sounds when they see any danger.

3.Peacock is called as the national bird of India.

4.Peacock is considered as the king of birds.

5.They have crest or crown on their head.

6.Their colorful feathers are very attractive.

7.Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on earth.

8.It looks beautiful when dances merrily in rain.

9.Indian green Peacock have an elaborate crest on their head.

10.It’s mesmerizing beauty is in blue and green color and spectacular feathers.

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Few More Sentences on Peacock for Children

1.Peacock is mostly found in Asian countries.

2.Peacocks prefer living in the forest.

3.They do not build nests.

4.Their female peahen builds nest to lay eggs.

5.They usually rest on the ground, some also sleep on the trees.

6.Their average age is around 20 to 25 years.

Short Essay on Peacock for Students

Peacock is very beautiful bird. It has variant colors that make it different form other birds. The feathers of this big bird are very mesmerizing. Peacocks have crown or crest on their head.  They are called as the king of all birds. They look beautiful due to their colorful feather.

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Peacocks can live in dry and hot deserts and even can survive in extreme cold climates. In areas where there is plenty of fresh water found, in forests and bushes,  Peacocks are found, usually sleep on the lower branches of trees. Peacocks are very timid and shy in nature.

Their female is called peahen. Peacocks can not fly but they can run very fast because they possess strong legs. They usually make sharp and shrill voices in order to alert other birds when they see any danger.

On cloudy days they produces a lot of voices because they love rain. In rainy season when it rains Peacocks open their fathers and dance merrily. Their dance is worth surrendering. Their average age is 20 to 25 years. Their beautiful wings have moon like spots on them. Their female peahen is smaller in size.

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As we know that Peacocks are also found in fields and gardens. They usually eat grains. They are the friend of farmers and enemy of the snake and small insects. Peacocks can not fly higher because their big tail is heavier than their body, it prevent them to fly high. Peacock is excessively found in India and is called the national bird of India. They are also found in African continent, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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