Essay On Republic Day 2022 | Importance & Lessons For Today

The Republic day is celebrated in line with remembering and honoring our great leaders and freedom fighters who stood for justice and freedom of India. This day marks the beginning of journey of a rising Indian Power. The following short essay and Paragraph talk about The republic day, importance, value and lessons for our life.

Essay on Republic Day; Importance and Lesson for Today

The word Republic means the Supreme power of the people living in the country, where only the public has the right to elect their representatives as political leaders to lead the country.

The Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th January annually. It is the day when in 1950 the gov3of India enacted and adopted first constitution. Since last 72 years Indians celebrate 26th January as the republic day of the nation. This day is the national holiday and this day holds a special importance in the citizens of India.

The Republic Day is celebrated in all the schools, colleges and universities of India with great zest and zeal. The schools and offices are decorated with the national flag. In schools the national flag is unfurled by the head of the school and national anthem is sang by the students.

Following the national anthem, inspiring and motivating national songs are sung in chorus. This is the day of rejoicing and merry making for the students.

Importance of Republic Day

As India was under the domination of British, after a long period of tyranny of British rule India became independent and finally presented the constitution to make the country republic.

This constitution was fully enforced to create democracy. After this constitution India was declared sovereign Democratic Republic state. On this day not only Indian civilians rejoice and celebrate the event but the prime Minister of India hoist the tri-colors national flag and pay tribute to the legends of India.

Apart from it the Indian Army, Navy and Air force give a spectacular demonstration of their weaponry and valor to the people of India and show world that we are united and strong enough to face the tactics of foes and to embitter the nefarious tactics of enemies.

In all schools children present cultural events, sing folk songs and dance. Not only students but people from all walks of life assemble and show the world that India is a united nation with cultural diversity.

On the occasion of republic day the schools, government offices and buildings are illuminated with lights and tri-color flag flutter on all buildings throughout the India. The Republic Day is very important because after this constitution all citizens are enjoying the fundamental rights such as right to education, equality, and cultural and religious freedom. These rights render the protection to common people

Republic day is one of the event of India when all Indians unanimously stand present their patriotism and love for the nation. On this day they remember the martyrs of the nation and vow to make India a peaceful and progressive nation. The speeches are made to reflect the history of the nation.

This day is very important because all the decisions are made in accordance with the laws of constitution which made India a Republic state. After this the ordinary citizens of India got right to choose the head of the nations and states of India. Every citizen of India is equal in the eye of law.

Lessons For us to Learn

Today India is facing many issues which are a threat to the democracy of the nation. All Indians need to comply with the laws laid in the constitution of the nation.

The constitution is the Supreme body of law, if all citizens will abide by the laws of the constitution and respect the law of the nation, the nation will prosper and progress.

We find the whole vast land brought together under the jurisdiction of one constitution and one union which take over the responsibility of the welfare of all men and women, young and old citizens of India. It is very painful and shameful to say that having such powerful constitution yet India is fighting and facing crime, corruption, inequality and violence.


All Indians are bestowed with a precious gift in the shape of constitution which made their country as the republic state. They need to help maintain the unity in diversity and forget the differences of religion, caste, creed, race and color. They are all one nation. Their constitution is one, they are all equal and important citizens of the nations.

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