Speech on Republic Day 2022 | Meaning & Importance For Students

Republic day is celebrated every year all across India to mark the journey of Independence and peaceful rise of our mother India. This day reminds us our glorious past along with the struggles and sacrifices of great political leadership. The following speech has been presented in this way to make Happy India Republic day an important and valuable day

Speech on Republic Day of India. Meaning, Value, Lesson and Quotes

My dear students today it’s 26th of January and we have assembled here to celebrate the Republic Day of our dear homeland India. Around 72 years ago on 26th of January 1950 the first constitution of our nation came into force making our country and independent Republic state.

This is one of the most prominent days in the history of India. This day is celebrated annually throughout the India to mark its prominence and importance. This Indian festival is the festival of joy among all Indians.

On this day entire nation wraps ups in tri-colors to convey that belonging to different religions, castes, creeds and speaking different languages are all united and one strong body. The word Republic means the Supreme power of the people living in the country and only public has rights to elect their representatives as political leader to lead the country in right direction. This power was bestowed to Indians 70 years ago on 26th January which we are celebrating today.

Why our legends gifted us this precious gift, they did so because they wished that their future generations may live peacefully and led the nation ahead without any hindrance.

This event marks the efforts and sacrifices of all great leaders of India who sacrificed their lives in fighting for the freedom of the country. As the independence isn’t an overnight achievement. It took a lot of efforts and sacrifices of several loyal leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Sri sardarvallabhaiPatel etc to make this nation come into being.

Many leaders worked tirelessly to get freedom from wicked British regime. India become independent on 15th August 1947 but it took a while to write and implement the Indian constitution which came into action on 26th January 1950.

This day is observed as a national holiday, the national flag of India is hoisted on all educational institutions and offices of the whole nation. Today’s 26th of January is the very date on which about 70 years ago in 1950 our country enacted its constitution.

We proudly celebrate this day in the memory of those who made India a great democratic state. We all must realize the importance of our constitution and the independence that we are enjoying.

The person who gifted us with our own constitution is none other than the legend Dr, B.R Ambedkar. He wrote the world’s largest constitution with 448 articles in 25 parts and 12 schedules. Before this constitution India was not a self-ruled country means India was not a sovereign state.

After this constitution India became a self-governing country. We are all proud of Dr, B.R Ambedkar who wrote our constitution and laid the constitutional foundation stone of our nation. It’s he who empowered us, who lifted us and made our identity on the globe of the word.

Let’s we all work for the progress, development and Empowerment of our country. It’s our duty and responsibility to keep our country clean. Our nation is facing pollution and several other issues, let’s we get united to eliminate the issues and make our nation a clean and healthy nation.

Our motherland India is a fair, democratic nation which provide equal rights to all citizens and there is an open platform provided to people to choose their leaders. Today there is unity in diversity in India.

Today this nation is not ruled by any hereditary king or queen, the body of government is elected by the common people of country. This constitution has given us equal social and economic rights. Let’s take an oath today to always maintain the sovereignty of the nation and promise that we all will work every waking moment for the progress of our nation. Bowing head to the national flag and to every Indian citizen I would end by say JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT!!

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