Independence Day Essay | Essay on Happy 75th Independence Day 2022

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Short Essay on Independence Day For Kids, Class 1 Students

It was August 1947, a historic point of time, when the slavery was ended in South Asia sub continent. The British had long occupied this wonderful land for around 200 years. It was only with the struggles and countless sacrifices of freedom fighters that, at last, British was compelled to exit from India. And thus, a golden chapter of South Asia’s destiny was written.

Independence day essay for kids, class 1 students

Slavery is the worst form of human rights abuse. In slavery you can’t have a control over your life. Your movement as a free individual and your life choices become dead and are under the hand of your Master.

Before independence, British were the master of this land. They committed worst form of brutality on the rights of Indian here on this land. It gives me great pride to write about the sacrifices made by our leaders and our forefathers. The land that we are having today as our own is the result of decades of struggles carried out by our forefathers.

With unity of purpose and a perfect direction under the leadership of our great leaders and founders of nations, our land became free from foreign yoke. Problems has always been the part of everything we do. Similarity, with the birth of a free land the problems started to come.

We have faced the harsh ever challenges of our existence. The issues of economy, security, and politics have been successfully met. It is the moment of great pride for us to say that our country is the most progressive country today. We have important contributions in every walk of life including science, technology, Astronomy, Physics, medicine, Chemistry and defense industry.

Our country is an important contributor in world’s economy. We have the largest and successful agricultural system with us. Our soil is quite fertile and we have enough water and energy resources to meet our needs. Therefore, it is quite clear from all the facts that all prove the dignity and status of our country. But there is always a room for improvement.

There are still a few challenges that need to solved urgently. For that, we have to work hard by setting aside all of our differences of color, creed and caste. We need to look and work hard for the bright future of our country with unity, self discipline and broad national good. It is hoped that soon our country will take the place of world leadership with dignity and pride.

Essay on Independence Day For 3rd, 4th & 5th Class

Independence is a gift of God that can only be realized by looking at the history of struggles and sacrifices made by our forefathers. You are independent when you have total control over you life choice. When there is no one order you about your life.

You move freely and when you walk around freely without any unnecessary limitations on your freedom. Slavery is the opposite of independence. A slave man can not decide about himself. Same was the condition of our land before independence. Before independence on this day in 1947, we were the slaves of British. The British were very cruel to our country. In order to save the future of upcoming generations, our forefathers decided to work in unity.

It is because of unity of our forefathers that we have freedom today on our land. It is because of the sacrifices given by our leaders that we are successful and free nation today. We feel proud today of being successful and free country. Our country has got progress on all walks of life. But if we look at the history, we see that our social, economic and political conditions were very bad. Under the British yoke we had lost our national status.

Today, we feel thankful to our God and our leaders that our country has everything that is needed for a developed country. In all areas of life like science, technology, medicine, astronomy and defense industry our country is much progressed.

It is great pride for us that our country is an important country of world contributing towards the world peace. We are respected nation across the world. We play a great part in international politics. It shows the our national worth and our pride. Though there are lot things to done still yet we have progressed well.

Apart from other progressive factors, there are many areas of life that we should give attention at. We are facing the problems of poverty, unemployment and economic challenges at homes. All of these and other challenges can only be solved with our unity. Therefore, it is greatly needed that we develop unity and a collective powerful approach to solve all of these challenges of life.

With a lot of positive prospectus, it is again hoped that our country would pass these challenges and would soon become a powerful country of world.

Essay on Independence Day for 6th,7th & 8th  Class.

Independence is the state of being free in life. You are free when you are living on your own land and own country. Independence is the opposite of slavery. We all are well aware of what slavery is? It is the state of complete restrictions.

You are not free to live a life your choice in slavery. Your life is bounded by a few strict rules by your masters. Definitely, the life of slavery is no less than a living hell. Contrary to that independence is a blessing and worth dying for. Independence is the blessing of God. We should be grateful to the mercy of God and the efforts of our leaders due to which we got a freedom.

Before August 1947, we were a slave country under British. The life choices, cultural values and future of our nation was under the threat. The freedom of our country is an excellent example of unity against powerful British. It is because of the efforts of our great leaders and their great wisdom that we have our own country to live on.

Our leaders gave a lot of sacrifices. They faced the brutality of British but never gave up the struggle of a free land. The birth of our country in August 1947, was not an end to all problems. In fact, a new set of Problems arose soon after the independence of our country. However, our country has successfully withstood against many challenges yet many of those challenges are still there.

Few of those challenges include political instability, economic challenges, poverty, unemployment etc There is need of great ever efforts to crack these challenges. But despite having a lot of problems, our country has made good progress on many areas of life. Our country has made great contributions in science, art, literature, medicine, physics and chemistry.

It is considered an important country in the politics of world republic today. . It is actively engaged with many powerful countries like America, Europe, UK and others. It is moment of great pride for us. Looking around the situation of our country today, there are a lot of challenges. There are many issues that need to solved as soon as possible.

All of these issues can only be solved with the power of national unity and discipline. Being the citizens of this beloved land, we need to understand this grave situation. We should work hard day and night for the solution of these problems. Looking at the history of our country, it is again hoped that our country would pass this critical time as well with national unity, punctuality and  self discipline.

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