Essay on Independence Day | Happy 76th Independence Day 2024

Independence is the blessing. To celebrate happy independence following Short and long Essays on independence day Pakistan have been written for  class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10th class students with additional notes how do you celebrate independence day Pakistan Essay with quotes, examples and info graphs.

Happy 76th Independence Day Pakistan Essay & Paragraph For Students

Independence is the great gift of God. It enables people to live life as per their choice. To mark 75th Independence day Pakistan various essays, speeches, debates, tabloids etc are held. Thus, in this way, following Essay has been written for children & Students for happy independence day 14th Aug, 1947.

Happy Independence Day Essay For Children & Students

Independence is the state of being free in your life from unnecessary restrictions. You are free when there is no restriction upon you in your way of spending your life. It is the state in which an individual is free in the way of practicing his religious beliefs, cultural values and other ways of life. Contrary to that, when there are hindrance and restrictions on your way of living a life of choice, it is called slavery. A slave is not free to live a life of his choice.

Before 14th August, 1947 our ancestors lived under the yoke of British. The very identity, culture, religious values and the future of future generation lived under the yoke of British.

Essay on Independence day pakistan for Kids class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 students

It was an extremely agonizing situation. But Muslims, under the lead and command of Quaid Azam and other Muslim leader didn’t yield to the dictates of British. It was an excellent example of Muslim unity that we got freed from British yoke under the leadership of Quaid Azam and other Muslim leaders.

In this way, the efforts of Jinah, the dreams of Iqbal and a long held desire of our hero, Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan, became successful and we got freed in the name of Pakistan. Pakistan is the name of struggles and hard work done by our forefathers. Pakistan is the destiny of success, supremacy, regional peace and prosperity for all.

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There are lot of burgeoning challenges facing Pakistan today. But these problems of economic down turn, political instability, poverty and unemployment etc, didn’t come overnight.

The long history of Pakistan, since its independence, is replete with these ups and down. Therefore, given these hard challenges ahead, there is a strict need of working hard for day and night for glory, supremacy and success of Pakistan. As Quaid Azam said.

 “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan has passed through the difficult moments of history. It has successfully withstood the challenges of terrorism and external threats by enemy countries. It has faced the hard times with its neighboring country India during Indo Pak wars.

Simultaneously, it can not be denied that Pakistan has made progress in several walks of life. Despite having the great limitations and challenges, Pakistan has successfully proved itself to be an honorable and responsible stat in the eyes of international community.

It can not be denied that Pakistan has a lot of internal challenges right now. There are issues of Political stability, internal terrorism, external threats, economic challenges, poverty, unemployment, etc But all of these challenges require a strong will and great sacrifices to get solved. History is enough to behold that Pakistan has faced and passed the similar challenges successfully.

This day 14th August is there to remind the people of Pakistan their lost supremacy, prestige and national unity. They must hold tight the golden rules of unity, discipline and peace for their national success. This day should not be celebrated as all other days.

We should think deeply and contemplate over the facts as they are and stand up to the task of working for the development and prosperity of Pakistan as an ultimate goal. Nothing is impossible. It is again hoped that Pakistan will turn its side and will again be a super responsible and powerful country in the comity of nations.

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