Essay on Air Pollution For Students | Types, Causes & Impacts

Air Pollution is one of the deadliest issues for the world today. It has brought severe consequences for the living being on planet earth. Mankind is indeed responsible for creating the causes & bearing the impacts of air pollution.

Air Pollution Essays, Paragraphs & Speeches | Types, Causes & Impacts of Air Pollution | For Children & Students.

We have written for you, An easy-to-understand essays on air pollution, causes, impacts, solutions, prevention methods with outlines, quotes heading, diagrams for students of class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th, high school and college-level students. These essays are in simple language with words limit of 50,100, 150, 250, 300, 500 and 1000 plus words

1. Essay on Air Pollution with Quotes & Examples for High School & College Level Students

Air is one of the most essential ingredients of life. Without air the life would have been simply impossible over this planet. All life forms on earth need air to survive. Fresh air another name of healthy life. Unfortunately the air that we need most to live is being polluted carelessly.

Causes of Air Pollution Essay

Air Pollution is caused due to the presence of various harmful substances called the pollutants in it. However, for the sake of easy understanding we may classify it into two broad categories; the primary and the secondary Pollutants.

The primary pollutants are the bye product of factories, industries that release harmful gases like sulphur, carbon dioxide and others. The secondary air pollutant, however, are bye product of primary pollutants. The smog for instance is the secondary pollutant.  The major polluting factors of air are as under;

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Sulphur oxides
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Ammonia
  • Particulate matter
  • Other Radioactive pollutants

Essay on Air Pollution for Students

One of the major causes of Pollution is the Industrialization. The burning of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel or coal to run cars, machines, trains and power plants are dangerous because they release harmful pollutants into atmosphere. They endanger human lives. The heedless burning of fossil fuels to fuel the path of Industrial progress has made the situation the worse even.

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The release of harmful gases, chemicals, smoke etc interferes with the natural ecosystem. Furthermore, the nuclear radiation is also source of increasing air pollution and thereby disturbing the environment. Apart from that, there are a few natural source of air pollution.

Among them a few include volcanic activity, dust carried by wind, gases released from body processes of living beings, forest fires and methane discharged from cattle. However, the amount of natural air pollution is far less than the pollution generated by various human activities.

Effects of Air Pollution

The air Pollution is a disaster on planet earth. It has given birth a host of problems for human life. Since the air is the primary element of our survival on planet earth, its pollution are bringing the disastrous impacts on human life.

The major health problems due the consumption of polluted air include; chronic lung diseases, respiratory diseases and other health issues like flue, lung cancer etc. A belt of natural gases known as ozone layer envelops our planet. The ozone layer shields us form dangerous ultraviolet rays of sun.

It protects us from harmful radiations that the sun emits. The air pollutants are seriously damaging the ozone layer. In last few decades many holes have appeared in the layer. Due to the depletion of ozone layer radiations of sun reaches the earth’s surface and cause skin cancer and eye damage. Acid rain is also a result of air pollutants. Acidic rain causes sever damage to plants, animals and soil. It kills fish and other wildlife.

Solutions; How to Prevent Air Pollution?

In first instance, we need to minimize our release of toxic gases into the atmosphere produced by our industries.  One effective way that can help us is that we should use the modern technology.

It would help us reduce the release of air pollution into the atmosphere. Since, fossil fuel burning is the major cause of air pollution; we should shift to the alternative clean energy like wind, solar and hydro energy.

The pollution problem is not the creation one man or of a community. It has taken decades to turn into this ugly shape. Therefore, the prevention of air pollution is a collective responsibility. We need to take the effective measures to get it solved.

For this, raising the support of civil society is essential. We need to spread the message of climate peace and pollution problem to every nook and corner of our country.

The use of social media and other means, is therefore, highly important. The more awareness we spread the more hands we would have to deal collectively with the issue of air pollution.

Conclusion of Air Pollution Essay

The fresh air is the first certificate of our survival on this planet earth.  The life would have been simply unbearable when the polluted air conquers our mother earth. The humanity need to stand for the collective cause of solving the pollution problem.

2. Air Pollution Essay for 9 & 10th class Students

Air is very precious component of life. Our air is losing its quality due to pollutants. The presence of many dangerous toxic substances and chemicals make the air polluted.

Therefore, the air pollution means all chemicals that lower the quality of air and cause detrimental changes to the quality of life.

All pollutants are emitted by various industrial processes, coal or oil burning power plants, residential heating systems and automobiles. Our activities such as construction, industrial works, mining and transportation pollute air.

The fires in forest also contribute in air pollution. The forest when burned down release many hazardous gases that degrade the quality of air. Aerosols particles contain air pollutants

Our atmosphere is our survival the presence of such toxic chemicals and wastes that pollute the natural components of atmosphere are mainly caused by our fast run to development and progress.

Man is striving hard to accelerate the speed of progress, in the search of success and progress we are mercilessly polluting our atmosphere. Man is blind to all types of pollution. Smoke of industries and factories contain various deadly gases that pollute air.

Inhaling polluted air is not a safe affair. It’s an axiomatic truth that life will be rare without fresh air. Air pollution has left large adverse effects on our health and lives of all living organisms.

Air pollution has raised the earth’s temperature and climate change is also caused by air pollution.

Many respiratory diseases such as asthma, coughing and lung cancer are caused by polluted air. Carbon monoxide gas prevents the uptake of oxygen by blood, it leads to heart diseases. An immediate threat global warming is caused by air pollution.

The presence of dangerous and harmful gases in the air leads to fatal diseases such as lung cancer. Even aquatic organisms are also affected with air pollution. All life forms of mother earth are badly suffering from disorders and diseases caused by air pollution.

It is high time to wage war against all odds of air. If we want to survive on this plant we have to protect all components of atmosphere that makes our life possible. We must stand together to stop deforestation because cutting down of trees leads to air pollution.

Trees are not only beauty to our environment but also purify the air present in atmosphere. We must use those things which do not pollute the air.

We should reduce the combustion of fossil fuels to reduce air pollution. The governments must take initiatives to curb air pollution. Environmentalists believe that breathing in and breathing out, air is that we can not live without. So let’s we all stand United in this endeavor to save air and make our lives healthy.

3. Air Pollution Essay for 6,7 & 8th class Students

Air is one of the most essential elements of life. All living organisms need air to live. Air is being abused by our wanton activities. Air pollution is mixture of solid particles and gases in the air.

In the long run of progress and development our air is loosing its quality. All the pollutants that pollute air are very dangerous. The pollutants of air are found in two forms. One is the gaseous form and second one is solid form.

Theses pollutants remains suspended into the air. They are called, in scientific terms as, the aerosols.  The emission of smoke from factories, industries, houses and vehicles pollute air to a great extent.

Air pollution has left many adverse effects on the lives of humans and animals. Inhaling air pollutants cause health problems. The major health impacts due to inhaling dirty air include various respiratory, heart and lung diseases.  Apart from that, It has damaged the ozone layer that protects us form harmful rays of sun. It has also affected the wildlife and many animals.

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If we want to live a healthy life we must save tress and plant new trees to breathe fresh air. For the stability and well being of our environment, it is mandatory that we adopt the climate friendly methods. We have to save our planet earth to save the life from total extinction.

4. Essay on Air Pollution For Class 3,4 & 5th Students

Air is very basic source of survival. All living organisms breathe air to stay alive. Air pollution is defined as the addition of toxic chemicals in the air that affects health of living organisms. The poor quality of air is caused by industrialization and smoke of vehicles.

Our air is loosing its quality slowly because of our carelessness. We humans are cutting trees to make roads. Trees are factories of fresh air, cutting trees is equal to cutting life shorter. There are many sources of air pollution.

Air pollution has caused imbalance in our ecosystem, this imbalance caused by air pollution is harmful for our survival. Many fatal diseases are born because of air pollution. Air pollution specially causes respiratory diseases. Lung cancer and several other deadly disease are spreading with the increase in air pollution.

It is rightly said that if you cut a tree, you endanger your life. We must stop fueling- start cycling for a healthy body and fresh air. Air should be treated well or else the earth will become hell.

5. Air Pollution Essay for KG Class 1 & 2 Students

Air is very important to live. We can not live without air. Air provides us oxygen. Nowadays our air is polluted. Our activities pollute air. There are many causes of air pollution. Air pollution is mainly caused by the smoke of industries, factories, motor cars, smoking and burning waste.

Cutting down of trees is also a big cause of air pollution. Air pollution affect our health, it causes coughing, asthma and other lung diseases. Air pollution is dangerous for humans and animals.

We should plant more trees and make air pollution free. We must stop smoking to breathe clean. It’s our duty to make our air pollution free to stay alive.

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6. Short Essay on Air Pollution for Ukg Kids 

Air is our life. All living beings breathe air to stay alive. People are polluting air by cutting trees. Trees give oxygen and take carbon dioxide. Trees make our air healthy. The smoke of care, buses and trucks also pollute our air. Healthy air gives us healthy life. Air pollution makes us ill and sick.

Air pollution makes our lives at the risk. All the living beings on  earth are badly impacted due to air pollution everywhere. There are many causes to it. The mankind is entirely responsible for creating the problem of air pollution. It spread diseases and kills animals. We can save air by planting new trees. Let’s work together to stop air pollution.

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