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List of Essays on Water Pollution | Water Pollution Essays with Causes, Impacts & Solutions, For Children & Students

Water pollution is the deadliest issue the humanity ever faced with. It is the byproduct of environmental pollution that i happening due to the various man made activities. The water pollution need a strict care to stop it.

There are countless underlying causes of water pollution. The humanity has to wake upon that fact. The following essays and speeches have been written in that way so as to assist children & students

Essay on Water Pollution, Causes, Impacts & Solutions for High School & College Students

Have you ever thought that the water that we drink is pure or not? You must have heard and observed that the impure drinking water causes more deaths and diseases than  any other thing.

Though the water is the life saver but how can one may fall ill due to the consumption of water? True that, the water is the life saver. You can get ill only when you consume the dirty impure and contaminated water.

Therefore, in that sense, water pollution is the condition whereby the safe and pure drinking water is getting contaminated. One may not look or observed  the water pollutants on the surface of water.

But these pollutants like chemicals, gases etc get mixed into the water bodies. They alter the taste of water and make it unfit for drinking. It is a global tragedy not limited to our country alone.

Water Pollution its Causes & Impacts Essays & Speeches with Quotes for Students

Water pollution is the ugly face of industrial progress of world today. It is not the problem that has emerged just today. Instead water pollution along with other types of pollution has been systematically and silently growing.

The progress in every field of our life, is the cost of pollution. Let’s briefly discuss the causes of water pollution

Types of Water Pollution

For an easy study, water pollution is divided into two major types. They are; Ground water  Pollution and Surface water Pollution. The ground water pollution refers to the condition when the ground water of soil becomes bad in taste and ugly.

It mostly happens due to salinity and water logging. The surface water pollution, on the other hand, means when the water present on earth’s surface like ponds, rivers, lakes etc becomes polluted due to the mixture of various pollutants into it.

Sources of Water Pollution

Water pollution has a detailed list of causes behind. There are around dozen of factors that are responsible for water pollution. Among from them, few sources  of water pollution are as discussed below.

1. Discharge of Dirty water from Factories and Industries;
2. Sewage and dirty water after domestic use
3. Dumping of waste, chemicals and other harmful substances into the heart of water.
4. Acid rain
5. Waste in Oceans due to spilling oil or other waste.
6. Use of Pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers etc in the water
7. Population explosion and the increasing demand of water
8. Other various mixed causes like

Water is the essential need of our life. The water that is used for factories for various purposes becomes dirty and polluted. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for treating the water that becomes dirty after industrial usage. The sad reality is that, the same untreated water is discharged back into fresh water bodies like lakes and rivers.

The industrial waste water contains many harmful substances into it. That water, unfortunately, makes the whole fresh water impure and dirty.  The garbage or waste that we generate in large quantities, unfortunately, is not disposed in a right manner.

There is not a viable mechanism for waste disposal in many countries  of the world. It is estimated that the large share of available water is used for domestic purposes like cleaning, washing etc. The untreated water after cleaning and  washing is disposed into lakes or oceans, in most of the times.

With the discharge of this waste water into the fresh water bodies, the pollution of water increases.  Apart from that, the dumping of garbage, waste, plastics, chemicals into the earth increases the ground water pollution. The garbage contains many harmful substances that spoil the quality of ground water.

Acid rain is formed when the atmosphere pollution impacts the natural ecosystem. Various poisonous gases and chemicals make a thin layer in the atmosphere. During the rainfall the layer of harmful gases gets mixed with the rain water. it is very dangerous for living beings.

The time we live today is the age of Industrialization and advancement. The oil and other related products like petroleum, Natural gas and other chemicals are transported from one country to another via sea.

Unfortunately, there are many reported instances when due to leakage in oil tankers and other big ships, the harmful chemicals and other substances are released into  Water is essential need of our agriculture.

We need to grow various forms of crops. In order to maximize the yield of crop, we use various types of fertilizers and pesticides into our agricultural land. These chemicals when sprayed or used into our crops, go deep into the earth and pollute our ground water levels.

The excessive use of these chemicals for agriculture has been contaminating the quality of our ground water. When the same ground water is pumped out via machines or tube wells, it dirty and contaminated. Thereby, our agricultural practices are the major reason of water pollution today.

The population of world has increased beyond the limits in the past century. Since, the fresh drinking water is in limited quantity, the increasing population has increased the demand of water.

The urbanization, unplanned and overcrowded cities with massive garbage and waste is another reason fueling water pollution.

Water Pollution is linked with a host of problems that we face today. The serious impact of water pollution is on human health. When we use polluted water for  drinking, washing, bathing or for other uses, we may fall victim to various diseases.

Apart from that, using polluted water for our agriculture is very dangerous. It  makes our agriculture food poisonous. When we consume the food, vegetables etc produced from dirty and polluted water we may fall ill. Therefore, the polluted water is not only harmful for human but for agriculture as well.

Water Pollution has the serious repercussion for our health and economy. In fact, the pollution in every sense, is dangerous for living being. Since, it is entirely the product of human activity. Therefore, the serious human efforts only can undo the ills of water pollution.

Solution of water Pollution

Water pollution can be minimized if we take the following measures strictly Since, the surface water pollution is caused directly by the discharge of waste and garbage into it. Therefore, we need to stop dumping or discharging dirty and  untreated water into the lakes, rivers etc.

We need to make a proper waste disposal mechanism whereby we can dispose waste without risking our environment.

Secondly, We need to minimize the use of pesticides and other chemicals for our agricultural needs. Since they pollute the ground water, we should stop using these harmful substances to save our ground water.

Thirdly, we need to work collectively to stop all forms of Pollution. We should unite and redirect our struggles against Pollution.

Our efforts must include minimizing  the release or discharge of harmful gases into the atmosphere, stopping deforestation and planting more and more trees, solve urbanization and using clean energy for our  various industrial and domestic needs.

Finally, the water pollution can only be stopped with the collective approach. It is not a single man’s job. We need to organize rallies, campaigns and create awareness among people in order to collectively stop pollution. We should spread awareness in schools, colleges and universities regarding the safe use of water for our self.

Water Pollution Essay Conclusion

Water Pollution is the price of technological and Industrial progress of world today. In the pursuit of maximizing pleasure and getting progress mankind has been playing heavily and polluting the environment. The water pollution is the horror of world today.

Truly it is said that the next generation wars would be fought over water resources. Since, the fresh water is a limited luxury. Its scarcity would end the human life at all. Therefore, we need to act today to save the water for tomorrow.

Water Pollution Essay for Kids

Water Pollution is the condition when water is made dirty and harmful for drinking. The dirty water contains invisible substances like chemicals and gases into it.

These chemicals are mixed into the water. When we drink or use that water we may get ill. The water pollution is the cause of many deadly diseases around the world.

The water is a pure natural gift. Unfortunately it is getting dirty due to various reason. Among many reasons of

water pollution, the discharge of waste, garbage and sewage into the water bodies, is the major reason. There is no serious action taken for preventing water pollution.

There is urgent need to stop water pollution. It is our responsibility to save water and stop its pollution. Because, the presence of safe drinking water is the guarantee of our successful future.

Essay on Water Pollution & Prevention

Water Pollution is the sad reality of world today. Though the clean drinking water is the gift of nature but it has become the luxury of only a few.

Water pollution is caused due to the presence of many harmful materials into it. Though they can’t be seen via naked eye but their presence have rendered the water quite unsafe for drinking.

The water that we drink is in very limited quantity. The fact of that out of total water present on the earth, hardly around 2% of water is fit for consumption.

If we compare it with the growing population of world, the water that is available is very less.

Unfortunately, the water that is available to us, is getting polluted very quickly. The polluted water contains harmful chemicals and gases that has been causing many viral diseases around the world.

There are many causes of water pollution including pollution mixture of chemicals, gases, sewage, discharge of waste from factories, etc. Due to all of these practices, the water is getting contaminated.

Given the fact that we have very limited amount of water available to drink, we need to adopt ways to save water. There is a strict need to prevent water pollution.

The future of human world depends upon the provision of safe, healthy drinking water. Therefore, we must stop water pollution to save our future

Water Pollution Solution Essay

The water pollution means when the water that we drink is polluted. The polluted water contains many dangerous substances into it. Those substances including various chemicals change the physical and chemical properties of water.

Due to the mixture of various dangerous substances into it, the water is getting unsafe and impure for drinking. Water pollution can be said in two ways. The surface water pollution and ground water pollution.

There are various causes of water pollution. Among those many reasons the major reason of water pollution is the discharge of waste from factories into the water.

Furthermore, in many large cities, the sewage and dirty water is pumped into the river or streams. The mixture of those chemicals makes the water quite harmful for consumption.

Apart from drinking the water is quite important for our domestic and industrial use. We use water in our homes for washing and cleaning purposes by using various chemicals into it.

Unfortunately, the same water is piped into the flowing rivers or dams. Therefore, the major cause of water pollution is its domestic usage. In addition to that, we use water in our Industrial use as well.

The dirty water, unfortunately, is pumped back into the flowing water, making it entirely dangerous. Furthermore, we use water for our agriculture. The use of fertilizer, pesticides and chemicals make our ground water contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

what can we do to stop water pollution?

The water Pollution is a serious issue of world today. We can do a lot to stop water pollution. It is our collective responsibility. Firstly, we have to stop discharging waste, garbage etc into the water bodies.

Secondly, we need to minimize the use of pesticide, chemicals etc in our agriculture so that we might prevent ground level water pollution. Thirdly, we need to raise awareness among people regarding the value and importance of water. Lastly, we have ensure that we all are acting unitedly to conserve water as our daily habit.

Since, the fresh water is a limited resource, we should not waste it in any way.

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