Essay on Holi | My Favourite Festival Holi Essay for Students

The Holi is a sacred religious festival of Hindus. It is the festival of colors, festivity, enjoyment and fun. It is most favorite and famous festival, celebrated all across the world. Like all festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Pongal etc, the preparation of Holi festivals are done with great love and fun.

Read here, different essays and speeches on Holi festivals, its story, preparation, important points etc in short and long, easy, simple words for all class children and students including Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,,7,8,10th and further level students.

1. Short Essay & Paragraph On Holi

The happiness is the essence of life. Holi like all other festivals, adds beauty to it. On this day, children walk with happy and joyful mood.

Everyone, young as well as the adult, looks quite refreshed and wonderful. This day is the day of embracing each other, forgiving and forgetting all the worries and worldly stress and frustrations.

Essay on Holi Festival For Students

Among the celebrations of Holi, cooking delicious foods like halwa, chips and other sweet items are very essentials. In fact, they add spice to Holy. Apart from that, on this day, the sweets, gifts and other things are distributed in honor of Holi. This day, as per the traditions, is celebrated in the memory of Lord Krishna who fought and defeated the evils. Thereby, the Holi is the remembrance of victory of right over the wrong.

The colors add spice to Holy. Variety of  colors are the on horizon during holi day. People get immersed into the different colors regardless of the distinction like caste, status etc.

Apart from that, people also go to pray on this special day. As it is believed that the God is happy on this day. Everything is granted during this day. Holi is one of top most celebrated festivals of the world. It is celebrated not only across India alone in fact, it is celebrated through out the world.

This festival is the sign of hope, peace and prosperity. This is the day of forgiving each other and starting the relationships afresh. May everyone enjoy the colors of Holi

Ten lines on Holi Festival For Ukg Kids, Class 1 Students

1. The Holi is celebrated annually in the month of February.

2. This festival according to the Hindu calendar falls in the month of Falgun.  While in Christian calendar it falls in the month of March. That month is the peak of spring season in India.

3. This festival is celebrated for five days, the fifth day is called “Rang Panchami”.

4. This festival is known as the festival of colors.

5. On this festival people specially Hindus spray colors on another.

6. Hindus believe that this festival was first celebrated by Radha and Krishna in Vrindavan.

7. This festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

8. On this festival people rejoice by coloring one another and become very happy.

9. Specially children enjoy this festival very much by playing with water guns full of colors.

10. People rub colors on each other’s face to spread love and unity.

Essay on My Favourite Festival Holi For Students

There are many festivals celebrated in my country like Diwali etc. Everyone celebrates these festivals with great enthusiasm. These festivals are a way to bring everyone closer. These festivals are all about enjoyment and togetherness.

My favorite festival is Holi. It is celebrated worldwide with great enthusiasm. It is celebrated in the month of March. This festival was first celebrated by Radha and Krishna after defeating holika. This festival reminds us that good always wins over evil.

Essay on How I Celebrate Holi | Holi Celebration Essay

A day before Holi, all of my family members equally help to clean the house. We get up early in the morning to start the preparations. We pray to GOD in the morning by going to temple.

My mother makes delicious meals for us. All of us wear white clothes.We start the celebrations by burning the woods in order to remember the burning of holika.

This is called HolikaDahan. This is done in order to drive all the evil forces away from home.Another benefit of holika Dhawan is that it helps to kill harmful bacteria as well which increases due to weather change.

First day of Holi is called Holikadahan and second day, when everyone plays with colors is called Dhulhandi. Various types of sweets are prepared for this occasion including gujiya and malpuas. I also love to prepare gujiyaas with my mother. We also exchange sweets with our neighbors and relatives in order to exchange warm wishes of Holi.

On this day, everyone forgets about worldly tensions and frustrations. They look refreshed and wonderful. This festival indicates unity among people. It brings everyone closer and bridges the gap between relatives. It spreads a message of peace and harmony.

It unites people and removes all negativeness. On this day, there is a public holiday so everyone celebrates this festival till evening. During Holi people forget their fights and greet each other by saying “Happy Holi”.Everyone’s face is covered with so much color that it is hard to identify people on this day.

There is total wildness on this day as people gather and dance to the beat of dholak and sing traditional folk songs in loudest pitch. In some areas, there is a tradition of breaking a pot that is full of milk which is usually hung high in the streets. I also break this pot; my friends make a pyramid and then I volunteer to break the pot.

During this, everyone around us throws colored water buckets at us.I also keep stocks of every color but blue is my favorite color.All of us play with colors using pichkari or buckets.

These buckets are filled with lots of different colors.There is so much color on streets. We also rub colors on each other’s face. We enjoy this festival till late night. At some places, especially, Mathura and Barsana, celebrations continue for a week because each major temple organizes a holy bash on different days.

In the evening, we arrange a family gathering. All of my cousins and elders sit together to have a talk session.We also set bonfire and celebrate the festival by singing songs around it. It is a day of great enjoyment for me. It is a very happy and jolly day for everyone. People of every age enjoy this festival.


Every festival teaches us a lesson. Holi is a festival that gives joy and happiness to people.It brings bright colors to life.We should celebrate it in a decent manner. We should not behave badly and we should always maintain the real spirit of Holi.

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