Short & Long Essay on Save Environment For Children & Students

Save environment is like to save the earth. The importance of environment protection, strategies & efforts can never be denied.

The following short & long Essay on topic Save environment lays emphasis on points, meaning, importance & value of save environment earth, value of environmental conservation in simple easy to understand words, for children & students.

Essay on Save Environment | Importance of Saving Environment | Short & Long Essay For Children & Students

Environment is our living and non living surrounding. It includes plants, air, water, human beings and other animals are part of it.

The conservation of environment earth is necessary for life. Environment is shelter home for all the living things on planet earth. Our earth owes life due to our environment.

Environment is very essential part of our lives and it is very environment to keep our environment clean and healthy. In recent years, human activities have deteriorated our environment.

Now, it is at risk. It is very important to take solid steps for protection of our environment from different harmful things. Otherwise, soon our environment will not be able to support life on this planet.

Effects of human activities

Human activities have very adverse effect on our environment. Humans use fossil fuels for their benefit. They burn fuel like coal, oil and gas for basic needs.

We also use fossil fuels to make electricity. These fuels produce large amount of carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide to our surrounding.

It is excessively polluting our environment. Most of vehicles add oxides of sulpher and carbon. These compounds are deteriorating our environment and cause acid rain.

Moreover, use of CFCs in aerosol sprays etc proves destructive for our ozone layer. Ozone layer destruction causes UV- rays to reach our earth.

These rays cause skin cancer and other diseases. We are dependent on industries for our economical needs. Our industries release their waste in environment directly.

These chemicals pollute our environment. Moreover, industries release their used water into water bodies.

This water contains a lot of hazardous chemicals which prove disastrous for animals living in these water bodies. We are also polluting our environment by throwing our household and other wastes into streets.

The heaps of garbage are very harmful for us. Excessive use of plastic bags and lead containing petrol also add pollutants to our environment. Conditions are even worst in developing countries.

Environmental pollution is one of the major problems of the world. It is widely discussed on all forums. United Nations is also making efforts to save environment.

It is very important to take solid steps on all levels for protection of environment. Our earth is our home and we should take care of it as much possible.

Steps for Protection; how to Protect Environment?

The need of hour is to save environment by taking solid steps. Government should make strict laws for protection of environment.

Industries should not allow to release their waste directly in the environment. We should plant more and more tress to save our environment.

Plants protect our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide of the environment and converting it into useful compounds.

Government should prohibit the cutting of plants and should punish those who are involved in illegal deforestation.

It is also very important conserve energy and to use the resources of the earth wisely. We should look for alternative and environmental friendly ways for generation of energy.

It is important to use public transport rather than personal transport to reduce pollution due to vehicles. We should also use lead free petrol and replace plastic bags by cotton bags.

Recycling of waste plays major role in reducing pollution. It should be practiced on large scale for protection of environment.

It is very important to create awareness among public about these issues. Protection of environment is only possible when every single person play his role for it. Electronic and print media should create awareness in this regard.

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It is very important to protect environment otherwise our environment would not be able to support life. We should keep our environment clean and green. Every person should try to take preventive measures for protection of environment.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”1. What is Environment Explain in simple words?” answer-0=”The environment in simple words, refers to all physical & chemical factors that surround us. It is the composition of all living and non living things that make the part of planet earth, such as, lands, plants, water, air, sunlight, forests, food, rivers etc” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”2. How Can we save Environment?” answer-1=” We have to save environment by taking collective efforts like preserving nature, planting more trees, banning deforestation, clean and green energy initiatives etc. ” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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