Essay on My Ambition in Life For Children & Students

The ambition in life stands for prime goals and objective one might have for his life ahead. During the students life, there are varied set of goals set by every student. Few might have the ambition of being a teacher, lawyer, doctor, IAS officer, civil servant, Engineer, IT expert etc.

Nonetheless, there is great importance of ambitions and goals in life. They push and force us to be something great for which we have been dreaming of.

Read the following short & long Essay on topic My ambition of life, meaning, value & importance with quotes for children & students.

Essay on my Ambition in Life | Value & Importance of My Dreams in Life Essay For Children & Students

Aims are basic force for success in life. We all should have ambitions not only for bright future but also for betterment of humanity. Life is like desert without aims. Your ambition keeps you motivated to achieve wonders in your life. It keeps our life in one dimension.

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Aims are very important for successful life. Life is truly useless without ambitions. One should work hard to turn his dreams into reality. It is very important to have a dream in your life. Dreams make life more purposeful and they keep you motivated throughout your life. Dreams are driving force in life.

My Ambition in Life Essay For Students

Every person has different ambitions in his life. I have also my dream in my life. I want to become a doctor.

I have been inspired by doctors since childhood. Doctors devote their entire life for humanity. They treat the ailing humanity.

Doctors are always ready for emergency and give person a new life and hope. They are serving humanity in true sense.

I have seen doctors who have saved lives of people and they really feel contented with their job. It is one of most noble profession. Doctors are most respected in our society.

They are real heroes. I want to become a devoted doctor who treats his patients with care. I will help the poor and needy by my skills and treat them free of cost.

I have often seen people dying due to lack of money for treatment. I will try my level best to help these sorts of people. It will be best effort for humanity.

I don’t want to gain enough money by this profession but I want to gain satisfaction my helping the people. Doctors treat the pains of others and cure most serious cases.

They lead very contented life. Doctors are most central part of society. We have a lot of examples in history when doctors save the whole nation.

Whenever there is some sort of pandemic or war, doctors are at front line. They help nation in such a critical time.

I have always inspired by the efforts of the doctors. Their devotion for their profession is actually commendable. I always wanted to be such a doctor who completely devotes his life for his patients.

Work for betterment of humanity and nation

Whatever profession you choose, it is very important to make sure that it will help humanity. Humans are messenger of peace and they should always keep this thing in their mind while using their profession.

I want to become doctor to serve humanity as much as possible. There are many people in developing countries like Pakistan and India where people are suffering a lot due to lack of facilities.

Real meaning of life is to help ailing humanity. It will definitely add meaning to the world and will make this world a better place.


My parents and teachers are also very happy at my aim in my life and they have always motivated me for my dreams.

They know very well that I am very desperate for my goal of life. It is according to my taste and deposition as I always find pleasure in serving the humanity. I fully understand that I have to work really hard for my dream. I need to work hard to get my aim in life. I have to burn mid night oil to make my dream reality.

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My aim always keeps me motivated and energetic in life. It never allows me to lose hope. May I accomplish my aim in my life.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”1. What is an ambition?” answer-0=”The ambition is the called the goals, milestone, achievement or the state of something that we dearly require to have. The ambition is the strong and earnest desire that we have to get something. For instance the ambition of students might be to become a good doctor, renowned businessman, engineer, civil servant. etc. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”2. Is Ambition good or bad?” answer-1=”The ambition is quite a healthy and must have spirit for human life. The ambition is good and extremely necessary in order to live a purposeful life. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”3. Why do we need ambition?” answer-2=”The life without ambition is purposeless & truly meaningless. The ambition drives power, energy, motivation, struggles & hard-work. It fills the rhythm and stamina in the life. Therefore, it is highly necessary, to have meaningful life, to have the strong ambitions. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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