Paragraphs on Pollution | Pollution Types, Causes & Impacts

Pollution is one of the worst issue that our world faces today. A Complete Paragraph on Pollution with its types in details have been written below for children & Students.

This pollution & its types paragraph is very useful for children & students of high school & college level. Read the following Paragraph and share it with your friends

A Paragraph on Pollution | Types of Pollution in Details, Causes & Impacts | Paragraphs for Students

We have tried to cover each and every detail about Pollution in this easy to read paragraph for children and students. In short the following paragraph would contain the following topics and discussion in details

  • What is pollution?
  • Effects of pollution?
  • Types of pollution?
  • Solutions; how to stop Pollution?

What is Pollution?

Pollution is known as any substance that is physical or non-physical that troubles the natural systems and affects daily lifestyles. Pollution increase illnesses for every type of living creatures and global warming challenges. Pollution increases due to advance developments and more modernization ways in our lives.

Currently whole world is facing an extreme dangerous virus called COVID-19. In many studies scientist proved that country’s where pollution at its peak this virus has taken more lives. People face a lot of side effects of this virus who live near to the pollutant areas.

This deadly virus became more dangerous where industries were near to residential areas. There are different types of pollution in the world some of these includes air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and land pollution.

Types of Pollution

There are following Types of pollution their causes and impacts have been discussed in detail

 Air Pollution

Air pollution is a known as the detrimental objects in the air that is very damaging for a living creature. When living creature exhales air inside the body this effects the whole respiration system of the body.

These causes asthma, lungs diseases and heart diseases in the human beings. Air pollution can also be the cause of natural damage as it is very destructive tool for Ozone layer and it can also cause of volcanic disasters. The main reasons of air pollution are smokes that develop from explosives and dangerous gases which releases from industries.

Industries burns solid wastes like NH3, CO2, CO and radioactive substances that pollute the air. Nowadays one of the main sources of air pollution is automobiles which produces CFCs and Oxides.

Water Pollution

Water is one of the basic elements on earth to sustain life. Almost 40% of deaths all around the world are caused by water pollution. Any harmful addition in the water can be cause of water pollution. These additions can be biological, chemical and physical waste. The most common waste is industry waste which is directly discarded into the sea.

Farm wastes, oil spills pesticides and agricultural wastes are also the pollutants and human beings are responsible for increasing water pollution. These additions worsen the purity of natural water and affect the human body which can be cause for typhoid, cholera and other dangerous diseases.

Noise Pollution

This pollution is normally caused by civil engineering works, loud music, microphones and industry noises. This type of pollution affects the psychological health of a human being. This can be the cause of deafness and hearing issues. Coronary diseases are mainly caused by this type of pollution.

Land Pollution

Humiliating the surface of the earth by different activities is known as land pollution. The common causes of land pollution are mining, deforestation, oil refineries, construction garbage. The pesticides and industrial wastes are pollute land.

These chemicals harm the agricultural land and damage the natural fertility of soil. It affects the natural process of plants and trees which reduce their production system. This process affects the agricultural ability by making it unproductive and unsuitable for farming purpose.

Solutions; How to Solve Pollution

There are many possible way through which we can solve pollution problems. Here are the details

How to Solve Air Pollution

Air pollution is somewhat natural but mainly is man made. We human can take some steps to reduce air pollution. More focus on walk and cycling rather than motor which can reduce the harmful emissions which are major form of air pollution.

Instead of using personal vehicle one must use public transport so that emission of monoxide gases decrease in environment and air get purified. For the purification of air we must plant new trees because trees not only provide us oxygen but also purify the air.

How to Solve Water Pollution

To help reduce water pollution the industrial waste should nit be thrown in water bodies. The authorities concerned must monitor the disposal of waste and introduce strict measures to not pollute fresh water bodies like rivers and lakes.

Noise Pollution Solution

Public transports system away from the residential areas is one the best way to prevent from noise pollution. Factories and industries should be established out of cities so that citizens enjoy peaceful life. Apart from it those who horn uselessly they must be punished so that noise pollution can be controlled.

Land Pollution Solution

Recycling of plastic material is the best possible way to prevent land pollution.We should stop Littering and throw waste away from residential areas.Instead of using pesticides to fertilizers use organic products which are both good for productivity of land and increases the yield of crops and doesn’t pollute land.


Pollution is very dangerous for all living forms on earth. Global warming, depletion of ozone layer, acid rains, health problems and loss of biodiversity are the deadly effects of pollution. Many species of animals and plants are lost. Much of the pollution is caused by use of plastic, avoid plastic packaging and use of disposable plastic cups.

It is high time to use environment friendly goods and spread awareness among people to help reduce pollution in environment.

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