Uses of Internet | Essays & Paragraphs on Internet For Students

The Internet is one of the most wonderful blessing of this time. It has completely revolutionized our lives. Its importance and uses in our daily life can never be avoided.

Right here, we have written best Essays & paragraphs on topic uses of Internet, Importance, advantages & disadvantages of internet. These Essays and Paragraphs are very useful for children & students.

Essay on Internet- Importance, Advantages, Uses & Misuses of Internet Essay For Children & Students


Internet has revolutionized the whole world and changed it into a global village. With almost thirty millions of users, internet has been emerging as one of the most important tools of communication.

Importance of Internet

Today we are connected to whole world by just finger tap. Internet connects people from different places speaking various languages. We can share our ideas and view points with whole world.

Search engines like Google, yahoo etc has helped us to improve our work in every field. We can get all types of information from these websites.

The Internet, Paragraph on uses & importance of internet in our lives

Students get massive information and improve their knowledge. Moreover, various websites on internet offer online jobs for number of individual.

We can earn attractive amount by working for these websites. Internet provides massive opportunities for business and a lot of people are earning directly or indirectly. Internet has also played significant role in creating awareness about various issues.

People remain in touched with global incidents. Number of NGOs and other organizations are helping people through internet.

Internet has provided platform to raise your voice against any violence prevailing in society. We can not deny importance of internet in our lives. People belonging to different professions are getting help from internet and improving a lot.

Internet has influenced every part of human life. Internet allows public to know what government is doing.

Their performance could be better judged through internet. On the other hand, it also allows government to know public views about their performance.

Uses & Misuses of Internet

The communication between public and government play major role in success of country. Internet provides platform to show your talent to whole world. Internet has made life easier.

We have access to everything in this world. We can also search about things that were completely inaccessible in past. Business world have revolutionized due to internet.

Companies improve their products according to public views. Internet is also best source of entertainment. One can enjoy music, movies etc from the whole world.

A number of apps are available to improve your lifestyle. Today, one can have access to his all favorite books through internet. You need not to visit libraries or book shops.

Internet is very useful in many ways but we need to be careful while using internet. Social crimes have become leading problem of our era.

Hackers from all over the world remain active. They can easily access your personal information and prove deadly for you. A Large fraction of people are black mailed by these hackers every year.

Cyber crimes have destroyed lives of many people. All the age groups are influenced by internet specially youngsters. They use social networking sites like facebook, twitter whatsapp and many more.

Excessive use of internet reduces their interest in studies. It also badly affect their health. They are also disconnected from their families and surrounding and spend most of their time using these apps.

There is a lot of spasm and inappropriate stuff available on internet. These things has destroyed our moral values and pushed us into unknown battle.

Criminal often find young mind an easy target and destroy their lives. Children find online games on internet and spend their most of time on it. Females are blackmailed on large scale all over the world.

The need of hour is to use this tool for positive activities. Internet should be used wisely to avoid any complications. It is foremost responsibility of parents to check their kids what they are doing on internet.

These immature minds are most vulnerable and should be protected from ill activities. Time is the most precious thing we have. It should not be wasted on such things.

Otherwise, it would make us repent in long run. Students should not get addicted to social networking cites and devote their maximum time on studies.

Fake news often revolve around on internet. These rumors are badly affecting our moral values and ethics. People are often posting spasm stuff against one another. These fights often get violent.

Internet is very useful tool discovered so far. It is responsibility of every user to involve him self in healthy activities. Any wrong doings should be quickly reported.

It is very important duty of government to keep eye on all activities on internet. Strict laws should be formulated against cyber crime. Internet can ruin our life if not used wisely.

Criminals activities should be stopped at any cost. Our youngsters are our future and we can not allow them to ruin their life on social media.

On the other hand, it is very important for parents to look after their children. All the websites spreading chaos in society should be banned.

Hackers should be given severe punishment. All these measures would help a lot to make internet a safe place to enhance your knowledge and explore your better lifestyle.

Paragraphs on Internet | Importance, Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages in our lives

There are countless advantages & disadvantages of Internet in our daily lives. The following paragraphs focuses on these major points in mind

  • What is internet.
  • Importance of internet.
  • Uses of internet.
  • Role of internet in our daily life.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of internet. Benefits and impacts.
  • Internet a blessing or a curse.


Internet is defined as the large network of computer systems connected with the help of satellites, optical cables and telephone lines.

It is one of the most used technology these days, it has not only made our lives easier and comfortable but have benefited us tremendously.

Importance & Uses of Internet Paragraph

It has impacted our lives both in positive and negative ways, it has both pros and cons, on the whole life without internet is impossible now.

Internet is the richest source of information because it provide us biggest search engines like Google and yahoo to search all types of information within seconds.

All school, college and university students use internet to collect materials and information regarding their studies. It is the widest encyclopedia of information,

The business men use it for the sake of marketing through social and digital media. It is one of the fastest means of communication.

We can contact our friends and family members using social media and can make audio and video calls and can share all types of information and material with our friends. With the help of internet we can order our favorite foods and everything that we need being at home.

The biggest advantage of internet is the reduction in the consumption of paper. Much of the paper work is reduced. Many books are present online, one can search and read books using internet.

It has helped save our precious time. Before the invention of internet much of our time used to get wasted but now we can book online tickets of trains and planes. Instead of going out we can order things from all around the world being at home.

Even for business meetings now one need not to travel or go anywhere, through video call, conferencing call and Skype business meetings are organized. Apart from that, we can listen the music of any genre and any language all around the world.

The vast and widespread use of internet has swept the world off its feet. Everything has changed with the varied uses of internet. 21st century is called the century of internet and modern technology. Social, political, religious and economical changes have been brought with the help of internet.

All economic development is based upon internet. The trade and marketing nowadays is done with the help of internet because it provide broader marketing of goods and services produced. The whole world have become a global village.

The most important uses of internet are electronic mail through which one can share, receive and send information, documents, audios and videos. By using different applications like FTP file transfer, data can be exchanged between two stakeholders and business entities.

Online mode of selling of goods and services is the most important use of internet. Apart from it online banking help pay electricity and telephone bills being at home.

Internet provide cashless transactions, the circulation of cash has reduced but use of debit and credit cards has helped a lot.

Internet has helped avoid daily commuting from home to office, man can avoid unwanted travel from place to place because internet provide online chat tools which help people to get connected.

A coin has two sides, likewise internet is a blessing at the same time it is a curse. It has many negative impacts too.
The biggest disadvantage of internet is the misuse of information, the literary theft has become common among people.

Instead of working and making research people steal information from the research papers of others and present as their own.

Nowadays the identity person is also stolen and misused. Internet is the biggest source of privacy and security breach. It result in loss of lives or money and property. Cyber bullying and cyber hacking are the greatest threat to our identity.

Internet provide innumerable online and offline games, children waste their precious time playing online games. Slowly children become addicted, they hardly give time to their studies.

While playing games they not only lose their precious time but they are psychologically and mentally affected by the violence shown in games.

Sometimes children watch porn videos and listen unwanted content which ruins their lives. By sitting in front of computer, laptop, or by using tablet or mobile in excess they lose their eyesight and often subject to obesity.


Internet is a blessing in disguise, it has both benefited and cursed our lives. In this period man is entirely dependent on the applications and uses of internet. It has changed our lives in several ways from communication to trade everything is done through internet.

It is the effective time pass option too. Online classes, online training, online shopping, what is which can not be done online. Everything is provided online. Man has become slave to this invention.

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