Paragraphs on Summer Vacations For Children & Students

The summer vacations are the necessary respite for students. During these days, when the weather is hot and schools are definitely closed, the students and parents plan how to spend their vacations. The following short and long paragraphs on summer vacations, describe the summer holiday experience, joy and fun we have experienced. These paragraphs are helpful for children and students for school exams.

Paragraph on Summer Vacation For Children & Students

The teachers give us interesting projects and home work for two months prior to the end of April, when school closes for the summer. We are working on these assignments before we return to school in June. They involve science and the arts. It requires creativity and study, as well as a great deal of learning outside of the school curriculum.

When I am on summer vacation with my family, I like to spend the evenings at Marina Beach or Elliott’s Beach. It is humid in Chennai, but the morning and evening breezes are cool at the beach. When we visit the beach, we enjoy steamed peanuts and ice cream. Sometimes we dine out afterward, and that is fun too.

I have also gone to hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud in Tamil Nadu with my family during the summer holidays. Also in the North East, we visited Arunachal Pradesh. During our summer vacations, we have also visited historical sites such as Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharashtra and Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the country, in Tamil Nadu. In addition to visiting spiritual centers, my parents enjoy meditation, and I value the peace and quiet these places offer away from the busyness of modern life.

I enjoy drawing and painting with water colors. During summer vacations I can spend my time leisurely painting. It is a pleasure to paint beautiful locations in India with the local people and local scenery. Painting on location is an extremely rewarding experience for me, because I get a sense of the actual place as I paint it. I therefore carry my painting material with me when my family goes on trips.

In addition to participating in many art competitions and winning prizes, I have also had a solo exhibition in an art gallery in Chennai. During summer, we enjoy ice cream and my mother pampers my brother and me with all kinds of goodies. In the summer holidays, it is great fun to read English literature and munch on the goodies that my mother makes.

Short Paragraph on Summer Vacation For Class 1 

My City, Ahmedabad, has very hot summers. During the summer, my school closes for two months. My summer vacations are just as enjoyable as my school days.

My favorite dishes to make during vacation are those that don’t use a lot of heat, and are cool and delicious. My favorite drink is a cool drink. In order to make sherbet with berries and fruits, my brother and I join my mother. I enjoy making this. With chilled water, we love to drink sweet sherbet. Lime is also used to make lemonade. Drinks like these keep us cool and fresh.

In the summer, I also enjoy making salads with cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. I enjoy chopping salad vegetables in creative and interesting ways. Salad plates are also a creative way to arrange salads. As well as reading English literature, I enjoy Hindi literature during the holidays.

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