Essay on Vacation | Essay about Vacation of Students

Vacation period is the respite in our lives. We get the time to be spent by us wherever we like to. Read the following essay on vacation. The essay is quite helpful for children and students.

Essay on Vacations | My Summer Vacation Essay For Students

It’s common to associate the word vacation with a holiday, but it’s much more than that. Different people interpret vacations differently. For some, it is a time to enjoy a holiday, while for others it is a time to rest and focus on their health.

Vacations for Students

Students are fortunate to have the most vacations during a year as they get the most vacations. Their winter break is long, and their summer break is even longer. Autumn break is even longer, and there are many more holidays scattered throughout the year.

School and college trips are common during summer vacations. If students are interested in attending these trips, they can seek parental permission and pay the necessary amount. Trips to college and high school are extremely fun. I have taken a few of these trips during summer and autumn breaks, and I find them to be the best part of the vacation.

During summer vacations, many students attend hobby classes or attend summer camps. There are many activities that are both fun and educational at these camps.

The summer vacation can also be the time to get together and go out with family. It is fun to have family get-togethers on vacation and build memories to treasure forever. Another exciting part of the vacation is meeting the cousins and staying at their place.

Students often have a lot of work to do during their vacations. Studying is always a part of a student’s life. Many times, exams are scheduled just after the holidays, so it is also important to devote adequate time to studying during the holidays.

Vacations for Working Professionals

Unlike students, working professionals also look forward to holidays, although they do not enjoy as many. When the calendar for the next year is released, everyone begins keeping track of holidays and long weekends in that year. During this time, many working professionals enjoy outings with family and friends, as well as team outings with colleagues.

There are many working professionals who move to different locations in search of good opportunities. During their vacations, such people look forward to spending time with their families. They are incredibly excited about the vacations and awaiting them with great anticipation. Parting from their family at the end of the vacation time is quite difficult for them.

A vacation is also a time to rest so workers can return to their jobs with a fresh outlook. Taking short-term courses can also help professionals build their new skills. These days, many professionals take advantage of online courses that can be enrolled in instantly. Women who work full-time enjoy vacations because they get to spend quality time with their children.


Holidays are a great time to bond with family and friends, and to pursue hobbies and passions. You should plan different vacations differently so that you can build a varied experience into them.

Essay on Vacation with Family

The word “vacation” instantly makes me smile. Why not? It provides us with a great break from the monotonous routine we follow every day. This is the perfect time to bond with our family and try new things.

For me, summer vacations are spent enjoying family time, watching horror movies, eating delicious food, and watching the air cooler.

As a member of a joint family, I have a lot of paternal aunts and cousins who stay with us during summer vacations. I have three aunts, each with two children. My parents look forward to the opportunity to host them. As a result of our various shared interests, we have a lot of fun together, although we also fight a lot. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy spending time with my other cousins as well. Likewise, I enjoy their company.

It’s no secret that we are fans of horror films. Since they are staying with us, we watch horror movies almost every night. This spooky adventure begins when we turn off all the lights, close all the doors, and then sit together. The experience is enhanced when we shout, scream, and scare each other. That’s what I love most about those crazy nights with my cousins.

In addition, we engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. During our morning and evening walks, we play, have street food, and visit the nearby malls with our elders.

During the time we are required to study, we are all forced to sit for approximately two and a half to three hours a day. Studying with others is much more effective than studying alone. The study sessions are not very bad, despite the excuses we use to avoid them. During this time, we get yummy refreshments as well as have a good time giggling and whispering.

My aunts treat me like a queen. The fact that my aunts live in the house also means that we have access to a variety of delicious food every day. All of them have good culinary skills and the food they prepare is delicious.

Conclusion:  The best vacations are summer vacations, because they are full of fun. It is the longest vacation of the year and I look forward to it every year. During the holidays, we get to sleep a lot and spend time with our extended families.

Short Essay on My Best Vacation

Student life is incomplete without vacations. You can take a much-needed break from tedious lectures, waking up early and following rigid rules and regulations. The vacations taken by my parents have always been fun and they have given me countless wonderful memories to cherish. In the past, I have fond memories of my winter vacations.

My Fond Memory of Winter Vacations

This is my favorite time of year and I love winter vacations. The Christmas and New Year gush, as well as the holiday vacations that follow, offer an amazing feeling. With the help of my mother, my younger brother and I decorated the Christmas tree and made cup cakes. A time of celebration, winter vacations are enjoyed by all.

As well as our relatives, we invite our friends to New Year’s Eve. Each year, these winter vacations are full of exciting activities, but last year’s vacations were even more memorable. During our winter vacations, my father surprised us by planning a trip to Shimla, where we saw snow for the first time.

On two of the three days of our trip, there was snow. It was a spectacular sight to watch the snow balls fall from the sky. We enjoyed the snow all around us. As first-time visitors, we found it quite exciting. As we strolled along the mall road, we sipped hot tomato soup and ate hot momos with spicy red chutney.

It looked majestic during that time to see the Christ Church in the mall. It was there that we offered prayers. From there we also bought woolen clothes and souvenirs. I had a great time.

Conclusion:  Our vacation in Shimla was a wonderful experience, and I hope to go on many more outings with my family in the future. Family vacations are made all the more special when you’re surrounded by love.

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