Essay on how I Spent My Summer Vacation | Best Vacation Experience

Summer Vacation are the true joy when we are able to spend our time freely as we want. The few days of vacation are the lasting life time experience. Read an essay on how I spent my summer vacation. The essay explains the joys of summer vacations and tells the best experiences of summer vacations

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay | My memorable Summer Vacation Essay for Students

The summer season is mostly known for the heat waves and holidays we get because of them. There is no better time on a hectic schedule for students to go on a stress-relieving vacation and be near nature.

We Decided to Go to a Hill Station

In this summer, our family decided to visit a hill station. The scenic beauty of India ranges from Mussoorie to Ooty, Wilson Hills, Kufri to Nainital, Manali, Kerala and Rishikesh to name a few. After much discussion about which hill station to visit, we finally decided on Shimla.

Our Trip to Shimla:  The road took us all to the location in the morning, and we arrived there in our cars. We then went straight to the hotel we had already booked. The city of Shimla has everything to entice tourists from lavish hotels to picturesque locations, and from mall road to shopping streets full of people from different cultures.

As we planned to stay in the city for five days, we headed to the mall road and Jhaku Hills in the evening of our first day. There are many different activities going on at night in Shimla, which makes it a great place to witness the nightlife. It was great to see so many vibrant people and enjoy great music at the Footloose Discotheque.

On the next day we traveled by train. This particular train runs from Kalka to Shimla. This is one of only three such express trains in India. Despite the fact that they travel at a very slow pace, it’s an enjoyable experience. During the evening, we went skiing and bungee jumping.

Following that, we visited Chail, Kufri and Chitkul near Shimla. These places can be visited for some snow adventure besides enjoying their beautiful scenic beauty.

As a foodie, Shimla is also worth noting. Shimla’s food is strange because it’s either tiny diners or cafes serving only fast food, variety of teas and cold drinks or fancy restaurants with overpriced alcohol. At Beekays, we had delicious salami burgers, so there is no middle ground.

We used to get really tired in the evening during all these days filled with lots of activities. It was the nightlife and starry skies we observed there that gave us an immense sense of joy and filled us with new energy. One hears an enchanting music from the tall trees standing upright there, curving roads that attract the eye to the beautiful hills from every angle, and an ecstatic breeze that fills the soul.

Conclusion:  After a fun-filled trip to Shimla, we returned to Delhi. The memory of our stay is still fresh in my mind. Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations, and I’d love to go back there again.

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