Paragraph on Train Journey | Easy Simple Paragraph for Students

Read a finely written paragraph on topic a journey by train. This short & long paragraph is quite helpful for children & students. It explains the joys of train journey in simple easy to understandable words.

A Train Journey Paragraph | Short Easy Paragraph on a Memorable Train Journey for Students

I have always enjoyed train journeys. They have always fascinated me. I have been traveling by train ever since I was a child. We stayed in Delhi, while my maternal grandparents resided in Kanpur. We always traveled via night train to reach Kanpur.Paragraph on a train journey

We used to visit them twice a year and I really enjoyed this trip not only because I was thrilled to meet my grandparents but also because I enjoyed the train ride. I enjoyed it as much as my sister and together we had a lot of fun.

A Wonderful Journey by Train

During our summer and winter vacations, we mostly went there with our mother. We had our aunt and cousins with us once. This was one of the best train journeys of my life. The mother had cooked us a delicious biryani that night, so we went to the top berth.

We already planned to keep each other company until late at night during the journey. Initially, we played cards. During one game, we were joined by two boys sitting next to us in the middle berth. It is always more fun to play cards with more players. Thus, our game grew more intense and we continued playing for two-three hours. There was no fuss about turning off the lights since our compartment was occupied only by us and the two brothers and their parents.

Then we played a game of dumb charades. Even more fun. Because we had been playing for almost four hours, we felt hungry and it was snack time. Then we stole chips and biscuits from our bags. As we ate snacks, we chatted, cracked jokes and laughed heartily. We decided to sleep at 2 in the morning.

Conclusion:  I will remember the train journey all my life. Making memories that I will cherish forever was a great experience.

Short Paragraph on A journey by Train (150 words )

Traveling by train is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Quite often, I travel long distances by bus, train, and plane. I personally enjoy train travel more than any other type of journey because of its benefits.

When you have plenty of time and have to travel long distances, a train trip is ideal. You can also sleep comfortably on this means of transport during a journey. My favorite time to travel is at night. When I travel for work, I can comfortably sleep on the train and wake up fresh for work in the morning. Last year, I traveled by train from Delhi to Lucknow and it was one of my most memorable journeys. My relatives in Lucknow invited me to visit them. I met a group of college students on this train ride. There was a lot of energy, cheerfulness, and friendliness in the group.

As I sat right beside them, they offered me a snack and a cold beverage. Then they started talking to me. We both shared our experiences. Additionally, I advised them on their careers. We reached Lucknow after six hours of traveling. Before we parted we exchanged telephone numbers and vowed to stay in touch.

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