Essay on Importance of Family | Ten Lines & Short Essay For Students

The Importance of family in matters like ties & relationships development, raising a child, strengthening culture & society etc is of paramount importance.

Read, our best written Essay on topic Importance of Family that covers areas like; importance of family in points, why family is important to me, family problems, family day, healthy family etc. These essays are quite helpful for all including Ukg children, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th level students.

Importance of Family Essay | Why Family is Important Essay in Points  For Students

Family means a group of people who are related by blood, who live together and share common ancestors. Our close family members include our siblings, parents and spouse and extended family members include our uncles, aunts and cousins.

Sometimes, our close friends also become a part of our family because the bond that they share with us is just like our family members.

Family is a blessing and not everyone is lucky enough to have it. However, those people who do have family do not realize its importance.

Why Family is Important For Us?

How important are our families to us is definitely a millions dollar question! The family defines us, it inculcates social values, builds character, morality and personal dignity.

Essay on importance of family for children and students

Family plays an important role in an individual’s life. Our family is our first introduction to everyone. We learn basic social skills from our family.

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They help us in shaping our life and teach us the value of love, care, kindness and affection. They take care of all of our basic needs. We feel secure when we have a feeling that our family will always be there to protect us.

Family is just like branches on a tree. They might grow in different directions but the root will always remain the same. Being with family means that we will always be loved and taken care of for the rest of our life.

Their love is unconditional. They share life’s joy and sorrows together. They accept us for who we are and they would do anything just to see us smile.

A family stays with us no matter how hard life gets. We can always rely on them for our problems. We know that no matter how hard any situation gets in our life, our family has always got our back. They will always be there to cheer us up on our sad day.

A family’s support is very important to succeed in every stage of life. It can make life easy and pleasant. They motivate us to improve our personality and do better in life. They are the inspiration to reach greater heights. No one can give better advises than a family member.

No family is flawless. There are fights and arguments in every family. The family members might even stop talking to each other for days but in the end, family is family.

In modern life there are unfortunately rising family problems. The healthy family trend is unfortunately eroding. The family support and love is at huge stake. Their love will always be there. They might be angry with each other but they will not let any random person say bad things to their family members. They will always have each other’s back.

Every person needs love and support. It is impossible for him to lead entirely solitary life especially in this modern life which is very tough. Therefore, it is important to have a support behind for guidance. That support comes from family.

We often take our family for granted without regarding that they actually provide us the foundation upon which we build our personality.

If we have no family than we will have no one to share our burdens with. Imagine having no one to congratulate on our success or listen to our sorrows when we are upset. This life will feel like a burden in this situation.

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I am very lucky to have been raised in my family. It is because of them that today, I am a better person. When I look at my family, I know that is the purest love I can find on this Earth. It is the most precious gift of God.

The love of a family is much more important than wealth or any privilege. Sometimes, people do not realize the importance of their family. They do not cherish these moments until they become a memory. Therefore, it is important for everyone to give importance to family above anything else and enjoy every moment with them.

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