Essay on Childhood Memories | Descriptive, Short & Long Essays

Childhood memories are the unforgettable part of our life. The funny, happiest, pleasure, best, wonderful and unforgettable memories of childhood days are quite hard to stop remembering. The childhood is in fact the best part of anyone’s life.

We have written a comprehensive essay in English on childhood memories that contains; pleasure, fun, happiness of childhood, unforgettable, recollection of childhood memories etc for children & students. In that way, short & long, expository, personal childhood memoir in English for Ukg children class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10th level, in words like 100,150,300 words long essay for students.

Essay On Childhood Memories | Personal Childhood Memoir, Short & Long Essay For Students

Childhood is the most enjoyable and amazing experience part of our life. It is that phase of our life when we were free from sorrows and worries. We had no job or anything to worry about.

Our loved ones were around us all the time. Mom was there to feed and hug us when we were sick, dad was there to bring our favorite toys and our friends lived next to our house. Everything was good and pleasant.

Why Childhood Memories Matter?

One can never forget childhood memories with friends. If somebody recalls the happiest and funny childhood memory or just to think top 10 childhood memories, there are bundles of them! The best experience in our life, if we have ever had, is the childhood period.

Funniest childhood memories essay

Our childhood memories play an important role in our life. They shape our future and perspective towards life. If someone experiences a good childhood then his personality would be jolly and happy. If someone has a bad experience of his childhood then that experience will stay with him even in adulthood.

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What a person learns in his childhood always stays with him. If he has been taught the importance of discipline, punctuality, ethics and values since childhood then these values will stay with him throughout his life.

It is impossible for him to become punctual and disciplined all of a sudden when no one taught them the importance of these manners in his childhood.

When a child comes into this world, he has no knowledge about anything. He learns everything through his surrounding by observing. So, whatever a person becomes in his future is due to the experiences he learnt as a child.

My Personal Childhood Memoir

When I recall my childhood days, I feel so pleasant and delighted. When I am having a bad day, I sit down and recall all those precious days. Reliving those days in my mind always brings a smile on my face and I forget about all my worries.

I still remember those precious childhood days. I was the youngest in my family so everyone used to pamper me so much. I still remember how I used to cry at night for ice-cream and my dad would always get it no matter how late it was.

I have seen so many videos of my 2nd birthday when I started taking first steps. These videos always excite me. On every vacation, my family used to make picnic plans. I would get so excited to hear that because I knew that I was going to explore a new place that I have not seen before.

My grandmother is my most favorite personality in this whole world. She used to make so many delicious dishes for me. I still remember that I used to run to my home in the middle of my play time just to eat food from her hands.

At night, she used to read me so many stories. My favorite story was of ‘Princesses and Fairies’ who lived in a palace and had amazing super powers.

The funniest memory of my childhood is of my first day at school. I cried a lot when my dad left me alone in the class. I laid down in the classroom while crying loudly but then, my teacher gave me chocolates after which I stopped crying.

I made so many friends on my first day and enjoyed too. I had many friends at school. At that time, our hearts were free of negativity. We had no ego or attitude in our personality. Even if we had a fight then after some time, we would finish our anger and become friends again.

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Everyone loves their childhood memories. It is the phase which lays the foundation of a child’s personality and future. Unfortunately, we cannot get those days back now but we should be happy for having such an amazing childhood.

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