Paragraphs on Load shedding | Causes & Impacts of Load Shedding

The load shedding is the grave issue of concern. It has badly impacted our lives. The following short Paragraphs explain load shedding, main causes of load shedding, solutions & ways how to end it in simple easy to understandable words for children & students.

Paragraph on Load Shedding | Causes, Impacts & how to End Load Shedding | Simple Paragraphs for Children & Students

Load shedding is one of major problems of Pakistan. It is affecting all fields of life. Electricity has become major need of man. We need it to enlighten our house, to run our industries, at various work places etc. electricity is used everywhere. Everything is linked with it.

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Wheel of industry is run by electricity and it plays major role in developing economy. The consumption of electricity is too high. Being a developing country, Pakistan is unable to meet consumption needs.

The generation of electricity is low. In Pakistan, there is over use of energy. Most of electric devices are left running in our homes and public places without any use. We need to understand that it is very important to save energy for our future generation.

Causes & Impacts of Load Shedding

Moderate consumption of energy can definitely play role to lessen load shedding. Market places and public sites should be closed at night to lessen the consumption.

Electricity theft is also a very serious issue. Government should make strict laws these criminals. Number of industries owner usually do not pay their bills.

We generate electricity by hydro, thermal and nuclear resources. Electricity generated from these sources is not enough besides it also add a lot of pollutants to atmosphere.

Use of fossil fuels for generation of electricity has proven deadly for our environment. Pakistan should look for other means of generation like solar or using wind.

This will not only lessen pollution but also meet enough energy for our demand. Government should build dams to generate more power.

It should also look for new means of generating electricity. It should make balance between power demand and supply.

In Pakistan, we are dependent on old means for generating electricity whereas whole world is moving towards other means to save resources for coming generation. Pakistan should use modern technology for generating electricity.

It is important for us to take help from our neighboring countries in this regard. Moreover, it is very important to create awareness among people for saving electricity.

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It is responsibility of every person to turn off lights and fans in public. Street lights should be off when there is no traffic on roads. Government should also make effective laws for saving energy. Industries should be restricted to lessen the work hours during night. Effective measures in this regard would definitely bear fruit. If this problem is left unchecked, it will cause disaster to our economy.

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