Essay on Chandrayaan 2 | Short & Long Essay For Students

Chandrayaan 2 is a hig tech space mission of India. It is Indian moon exploration mission. The partial success it achieved, despite a little technological glitch, it goes largely in reflecting India’s deep ambitions and efforts to explore the space. The following essay on Chandrayaan 2 describes the purpose of project, achievements and lessons for India.

Essay on Chandrayaan 2 For Children & Students

In the term Chandrayaan, chand means ‘moon’ and yaan means ‘vehicle’. Chandrayaan 2 is an Indian lunar mission designed to explore more about moon.

It is the second mission to moon by ISRO that is ranked at number 5 in the world with a budget of $1.2 billion that is having almost a fraction of budget if compared to other space agencies. ISRO has always proved its worth with its cost-effective solutions.

Mission of Chandrayaan

Chandrayaan 2 is India’s first attempt to land a spacecraft on lunar surface. This mission was developed by Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO). It is a successor to Chandrayaan 1 that was launched in 2008.

The aim of this mission was to discover more about moon that will benefit the country as well as whole humanity. The total cost of this mission was US $141 million.

Chandrayaan 2 was scheduled to be launched in2011 but due to technical problems, the mission launched on 22nd July by a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III from Satish Dhawan Space center located in India. It was expected to land on moon’s surface on 7th September. It weighed 3850 kg.

The spacecraft consisted of three devices; a lander called Vikram, an orbiter called Pragyan and rover with an aim to explore lunar south pole. The name of the lander was named after Dr.VikramSarabhai who is regarded internationally as the father of Indian Space Program.

The rover was powered by solar energy and it had six wheels. Vikram and Pragyan were designed to last for one lunar day that is about 14 Earth days before shutting down in nights chills.

The scientists hoped that if landing gets successful then India will become the first nation to land near south pole. It will also become the fourth nation to complete its landing around moon after US, China and Soviet Union.

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Objectives of Mission Chandrayaan 2

The primary objective of Chandrayaan 2 was to operate a robotic lunar on the lunar surface.  It was a complex mission whose objective was to study more about the lunar south pole. The lunar south pole was of much interest to scientists because it was much larger than the north pole.

Scientists had high hopes to find presence of water in that area which makes it a promising target for human being’s exploration.

Crash Landing of Chandrayaan 2

This mission achieved 95% success with the placement of orbiter in orbit of moon. It was supposed to take images of moon for one year and send the data to Earth. On 7 September 2019, just when Vikram was trying to land on moon, it lost contact with ISRO just when touchdown confirmation was expected.

It was just 2 kms away from surface at that time. The main reason of this failure was software glitch due to which the lander deviated from its intended trajectory and this resulted in hard landing.

Scientists tried their level best to restore that communication but the efforts were not successful. The rover was not able to come out of the lander so all the information related to moon was lost.

NASA made two attempts to locate Chandrayaan 2 with the help of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that took photos of landing site. Since, this region is a home to several craters that are permanently covered in shadows that is why the images failed to locate Vikram on lunar south pole.

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Chandrayaan 2 was the dream of millions of people to space. Unfortunately, this mission was not completed but the experiences of this lunar expedition will for sure help in further voyages.

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