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The Planet Mars has been the subject of intense research and curiosity for all human being. The Several countries of world are busy in getting up to the mars where it is believed that the life is possible on mars. In the following Essays on Mars, that include; life on another plant, a trip to mars or is life possible on mars etc, have been written with intense care for students. These short and long essays are quite helpful for children and students during the exam preparation.

Short Essay on Life on Another Plant

It has been a topic of study for more than 100 years whether there is life on Mars. They have been trying to gather evidence to figure out whether life has ever existed on this planet or if it is currently inhabited by people, or if there is a possibility of life on Mars in the future. Until now, the research done at least suggests that there is no life on Mars and that it is not currently inhabited by humans. Nonetheless, life on the red planet cannot be completely ruled out.

During the ancient Noachian period, surface liquid water was present on Mars. As a result, microorganisms were able to flourish. In spite of this, it remains unclear whether microorganisms have ever been found on Earth. There is still research being done on the topic. On Mars, water exists as ice, which is solid today. The planet’s atmosphere also contains some of it as vapour.

Researchers have tried to learn more about Mars through the use of telescopes, spacecraft, and rovers that can provide evidence of its condition and nature. As it has an atmosphere quite similar to Earth, it seems possible that life may exist on this planet as well.

A dream Trip to Mars Essay For Students

Since years, I have been reading articles about the possibility of life on Mars and have always wondered what it would be like if it were really possible. Are there any of us who plan to relocate to Mars and establish their lives there, will our relatives and friends on Earth plan trips there, and how would life be on Mars – will it be the same as what it is on Earth, or different from it?

All these questions cross my mind quite often and I often get lost in the dreams of this distant place. If it is possible for life to exist on the red planet, I have made full-blown plans to visit it.

My Trip to Mars

I hope to visit Mars someday, but I would not rush there as soon as it is declared habitable. My visit to Mars would be a few years down the road once it has progressed. I would travel with my friends. As I am not likely to visit the planet often enough because of the distance and costs involved, I would plan a trip for at least 15 days. So, I wish to discover every corner of the globe on this trip.

We humans are known for demarcating land and labeling it. Just as Earth has been divided into countries, so will Mars in a few years. Some of these countries are worth spending time in, while others may be worthwhile only to glance at. For the best experience on the planet, I will talk to locals and find out where and how to visit. I will visit as many places as I can and try the local cuisine. I will shop a lot and bring back sovereigns for my family. A lot of photos will be taken so that I can remember the days there.


I know visiting mars is a farfetched dream, but I do hope I will be able to visit this planet once in my lifetime. I believe the new generation of astronomers, scientists and technologists will soon discover a way to make the Earth a viable place for human civilization. In the meantime, I will explore some places on our planet to satisfy my desire to travel.

Short Essay on Life on Mars For Students

There are certain similarities in the atmospheres of Mars and Earth, the planet that is fourth from the Sun. Possibly it is because it is so close to us. There has been more study of this planet than any other planet in the solar system. On the red planet, it is possible to find new evidence of life every now and then.

Life on Mars is Possible

In the 19th century, the first signs of life at Mars were found. Astonishingly, the planet has captured the attention of astronomers and scientists around the world since then. Several research operations have been conducted to determine if life ever existed or could exist on Mars. Despite being much colder than Earth, Mars is said to have an atmosphere similar to Earth’s.

Despite the presence of oxygen, human settlements are not permitted on the planet. Martian water has been found in liquid form in the past, but most of it is now trapped in the planet’s polar caps. As a result, the planet’s land has become barren. In recent weeks, the curiosity rover was sent to explore the planet further. The rover dug some organic molecules from the ground on Mars, indicating there may be some kind of life on the red planet.


Mars is a subject not likely to be resolved for several decades, if it is ever fit for human habitation. This topic has been the subject of several researches and many more are in progress in this area. I hope we soon receive some important evidence that life exists on Mars.

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